Revenge Of The Fallen

So yah, the story wasn’t great and yah, Megan Fox looks a little different but the visual effects was truly truly stunning.  So much so you believed that there ARE robots in disguise.  I left the cinema very tempted to check under my car for the Autobot logo >_<

Yes, I have a crush on Optimus Prime :p  I still have a soft spot for Bumblebee but Optimus is sexy … if you can say that about a robot.  I would love to meet the key animator/s for Optimus one day.  Meanwhile, I may even catch this on the big screen another time so that I can relish the effects again … and I can’t wait for the DVD so I can analyse the sequences frame by frame.  It was really that good.  I can’t quite seem to gush enough about it.  I dare say, I prefer it to the first one.  The scene where Bumblebee first appeared gave my goose bumps.  The fight between Optimus and Megatron … action porn at it’s very best.  It was all about the robots.

If you’re looking for a story line, no this movie isn’t quite for you … seriously though, talking robots, do you really need a story line? Some people may say yes and I guess, that’s why all the reviewers are dumping on the movie.  I say, get real, it’s robots in action, let’s not take it too seriously and enjoy the hard work of about 300 visual artists.

Anyone needs company to catch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen?

3 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Fallen

  1. hahahaha, ya megan is having alittle or should i say quite alot, overdose of silicone and botox in her lips! She looked so hot already……WHHHhhhhYYYYY??????

    yep, story line was gone with the wind but totally agree with you, the robots were magic! So much more action and even more action. I still love part 1 as we watch it very often. The only only thing I hated was that awful fembot/species thingie, what were they thinking!!!!!????

    anyways can’t wait to get the dvd and watch it again with the kids as aira fell asleep halfway (by no means the fault of the movie as it was her nap time). 🙂

    ps: my bro called it military porn! 🙂

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