Renn Lim by Renn Lim

Parenting is a skill that no one teaches you.  You learn it from your own childhood, your parents, other peoples’ parents but the thing I’ve learnt watching my own parents, my parents-in-law, my uncles, aunts and friends, parents do the best they can for their children.  Renn Lim by Renn Lim, is an exhibition by an 8 year old and a testament of great parenting, the kind that I’ve been fortunate to enjoy myself – supporting and loving your child.

I bet when Renn scribbled on a sketch of his right hand, Renn Lim by Renn Lim, he never thought it would be the catalyst for an exhibition of his own.  That’s what parents do think for our kids … sometimes we get it right and some we don’t.  As long as we try our best, I don’t think we can stray too far off.  So my dear friends, Claire + Pann, took that little sketch as a sign of what they have always know, Renn had a passion for drawing and painting.  There you have it, why the exhibition came into being and if Renn ever forgot it, I’ll email him the link to this post 🙂

Meanwhile, if you live outside of Singapore, here’s a peek into the exhibition that reminded my husband and me that we should do more with our own doodles.

Here’s another reason why Renn can be the artist he is.  I’ve said this before, half of the good that I am comes by being my parent’s daughter and the other half from having my little sister.  Little sisters are great!!  They can drive you crazy and teach you things like patience and not being selfish but when they give you the love and support only little sisters can, you have all you need in your head to kick ass.  Aira is that wind beneath Renn’s wings and here’s her with her favourite Renn painting.  She was angel throughout the opening night, the little social butterfly who entertained and played nice.

The star of the night was basking in all the glory and enjoying the show like a professional.  Something tells me that whatever he does in the future, art will be something that runs strong in his veins.

I Still Don’t Want to Live in a Birdcage

I’m so so so amazed with this company Resource Furniture.  Truly transformers!!

Since my husband and I are planning for a 3 maybe 4 room flat, these furnitures (if we could actually afford them after the flat prices these days) would be so so so wonderful to have.

Yes, some days this is what I do when I daydream.  What our little apartment will look like?  I’ve always wanted a little apartment, maybe a apart of me always knew that the prices of homes will go up and I’m never one to be a slave to my house.

That said, I want one of those old 3 room flats where the rooms are decently sized.  Yes, transforming furniture aside, I’ve never been fond of birds and really, I’m not a fan of urban city real small apartment living just yet.

Sweet Office Locations

That’s what I got at the moment.  Strangely, my very first job was along this very street – Waterloo Street.  It’s in one of the few HDB cluster in the city and surrounded by a quirky eclectic mix of this and that.  It’s central yet not smack in the CBD.  There’s enough food and amenities close by and whenever I need I can saunter to Bugis or Raffles City for a bit of city shopping.  Best bit, some of my favourite vegetarian joints are just around the corner 🙂

To top it all off, the other day as I was walking through our complex, I stumbled on an installation art piece.

Some may say it’s pretentious and others inspiring, me … I love the fact that I can watch an old uncle talk shop about car parts, turn around to see an art piece and walk up three floors to my office 🙂

The Office

One reason why I’ve been slow with my posts is that I now have an office and no longer work off my dining table!!  So time that I’ve saved being in transit is back in the schedule but it’s transit I really enjoy.  Yes, with my office right smack in an interesting part of town, public transport is a breeze and I spend transit time catching on on emails, games and TV shows.  Don’t you just love your smartphone?  Seriously, what did we do before that?

Anyway, back to the office and my sole colleague, Farah who I do feel bad for some days … you trying imagining being stuck with me in a room for 8hours … now you know what I mean :p and we share a little room that is all Cloudpic Singapore.  My husband dropped by the other day and commented that from the first time he met me some 10 years ago now, my office table has always been the same – adorned with pictures and toys.  To which I replied, I have to be inspired to work effectively 🙂

It’s a cozy little room just enough for the two of us and the occasional visit from the team from the US.  The office is part of a co-share space called SmartSpace.  Perfect for start ups that want to be part of a bigger space but only need some space.  Anyway, the office comes with the basic desks and chairs, for everything else, there’s always Ikea 🙂

So Farah and I also went off to Ikea to get a little storage unit and supplies.

Viola!! Two of us, girls put it together 🙂  Yep, you really don’t need guys for Ikea furniture.  Sssshhhh don’t tell them that!!  We need them for other things though 😉  So we can’t go pissing all of them off just yet.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Singapore and in the Waterloo Street area, drop by.  We’ll be happy to show you around, have tea and tell all you need to know about cloud-base applications 🙂

Now it’s back to work.  Have a good work week everyone!!

Siri Compatible

That’s me 🙂

This is yet another overdue post due to the lack in focus to blog, distraction from the very subject of this post and life in general.

On Oct 28, along with a couple of thousands of other people in Singapore I got aquatinted with SIRI.

It’s been three weeks now and all I have to say is that I love love love my iPhone 4S.  Bear in mind that I upgraded it from the iPhone 3GS so it is quite the improvement for me.  Siri?  Well … I’m not crazy about her and trust me, I have a hunch the feeling is mutal.  When I asked her if she loves me, she answered that she respects me O_o

I suspect we’ll grow on each other.  She seems to understand me more and my need to put on an accent lessens each day.

The iPhone is another example why I reckon Steve Jobs rocks.  It’s made both my parents download apps, play games, whatsapp … maybe they would have done it with an android (err … we all know where the android came from) but definitely not with the ease that they’ve taken to the iPhone.  The sci-fi world that I conjured up in my head, inspired by the TV, films and books that I was expose to as a child is slowly but surely becoming my reality.

I use to think that it was a shame I didn’t live during the industrial revolution where so many amazing technologies were achieved.  I take it all back, the digital revolution is mind blowing and I wouldn’t change for the world.  I’m right smack on the cusp of the non-digital and digital age.  Old enough to be able to understand and not take for granted the things that the younger generation deem as normal yet young enough for the concepts to be completely intuitive.

In my lifetime, I’ll be able to talk to my car, read or watch the news on the same device that may be as simple as a transparent sheet.  The world is changing and some days I forget how fast and how lucky I am to be a part of it all.

iPhone 5, I have my eye on you 😉

‘Nuff Said

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.  Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.   Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.   Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.   Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten.   Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.   Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God.   It was never between you and them anyway.

~ Mother Teresa

Growing Up Catholic

For me, the relationship with with God is a very personal one and no one should dictate how you and Him want it to go.  Being in a religion, it’s completely social :p  Yes, going to church, temple, mosque, any house of worship for me has always been more about a social event than a spiritual one.  Yes yes yes, I know there’s somewhere in the bible that says something along the lines that man is no island and that the more people that pray together, the more God will be there, which honestly to me, I don’t understand but I’m not going to belittle.

It’s simply because if it is anything I’ve learnt, I seriously don’t know anything.  All I do know is that God has been right next to me all my life. Even when I never asked for His help, He was there.  All of this I can only know after the fact.  So that’s all I’m going to remind my 3 little goddaughters as they grow up.  Build a relationship with God like you would with anyone else, it’ll take time and effort.  Talk to Him daily and make time for Him even when you don’t need to.  Pretty much the same with any relationship in life.  Honestly though, it won’t take as much investment as other relationships and He will never forsake you.  Why?  I’m not exactly sure but He hasn’t forsaken me ever and I’m no saint.

So when my friends ask me to be Godmother to their children, a quiet little voice goes off in my head wondering if they’ve made a right choice :p  Do they know how I feel about organised religion?  And that I don’t believe in hell but I do believe in aliens.  Well, they pop by my blog ever so often so they’ll know now 🙂

And all I’m saying is that, too late!!  It’s official 🙂  As of November 13, my two other Goddaughters went through their rite of baptism and will probably go to Catholic schools like I did, struggle a little with the logic and learn that above all things, God is all love.  Well, if they don’t, that’s my job I guess 🙂  From Nov 13, it’s official and I’m Godma to the Teo girls.

To little Natalie and Nicole, may the light of Jesus shine on your both always!! Remember to ask God for strength, serenity and wisdom … everything else like the dinosaur toy or banana for dinner you really want will just fall into place 🙂


Please Walk the Talk

I baffles me when I read such headlines.  Does Dr Cheong-Chua Koon Hean live in a smaller flat?  Does she know what it is like to live in a smaller flat?  Has she ever tried to decide which to give up, a bed or a wardrobe because the room is big enough only for either? If she does, that’s great.  If she doesn’t, such statements make the general populous ever so slightly irritated and the marginal who have no choice but to buy smaller flats actually angry.

Honestly, people with the luxury of choice should not comment on the lives of people who do not.  Least of all make assumptions.

It’s simple, let’s just walk the talk.  Even if it’s temporary, I wanna see our leaders be prepared to swap their houses for smaller HDB flats and take our public transport system to work.  Some will say their jobs are stressful and shouldn’t be subject to it.  Have you tried raising a family of 4 on SGD2500, have one of them suffer a major illness?  The stress level, I’d reckon isn’t very dissimilar.  Some will argue that’s your child, it’s different.  I dare say, as leaders of the nation, you sure as hell have the heart for the country and fellow countrymen like you do for your children, if not, you’re not quite suited for the vocation.  Everyone is different and I’m sure there are different sides of the arguement.

All I’m asking is this, before you make a comment about the lives of Singaporeans, you would be so much more credible if it wasn’t an assumption and you’ve walked the talk.  Swap your home for a smaller HDB flat for a year and if your quality of life hasn’t suffered, I’m prepared to reconsider my plans for my family and buy one of those new HDB flats where the third bedroom is half the size of my HDB childhood bedroom.