The Break-up … watching is hard to do

Alrighty, it was a waste of celluloid effort.  And this coming from a big Vince Vaugh fan … yes, I like the big guy and he was flawless in Swingers but here it was just painful.  I was just grateful I was on a plane and could fall asleep when I needed to.

A lot of us have been through break-ups and don't need to pay to go through it all over again and with a script that would have better suited Lindsay Lohan and some teen dude.  Everything that was funny in the film, I saw in the trailer months ago.  There was nothing left.

Ok ok, it would be good for those with some romantic notion about their own break-ups and relate to the games played in the movie.  Different strokes for different folks.

My take – don't bother … check out Swingers instead 🙂

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Tokyo Friends

No, I didn't go to Japan.  I went to a Japanese screening while at the American Film Market – Tokyo Friends.

I was lost in the first 15-20mins because it's based on an existing drama series and they just assumed everyone watching the movie has seen the series.  After a while, I figure it's about 4 girls and remembering your first dreams because it got lost while trying to make a living.  Sounds like everyone's life. 

It was an ok movie and would have worked better for me if I stumbled upon my Mum watching it at home on DVD.  There's no need rush out for this.

Except for Shannon and Ervin who would enjoy the eye candy 😉

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LA has redeemed herself

Cineposium06 - 25AFM06 - 119AFM06 - 109

Usually when a work trip warrants that I go to LA, I get grumpy.  It isn't one of my most favourite places in the world.  The smog … yucks … the traffic … even worse but this trip :)  Evidently from the pictures, LA decided to be nice to me and I enjoyed mostly blue skies while I was there.  Also I had to do every little travelling on the crazy freeways which join the various parts of LA, so I was spared the endless wait in traffic.  Even the night sky didn't have that strange pink hue that is usually there because of the smog. 

Ok, LA is off my not-to-visit list … for now 😉

AFM06 - 88Cineposium06 - 37AFM06 - 105

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I’m home … with Bobby

Yes yes yes, I'm back in Singapore … when we first started the trip, coming home left like forever.  It's good to be home.

Bobby 01AFIBobby 02

Ok, the good thing about work trips is that sometimes there are some perks like being invited to the opening film and this year it's the (highly anticipated?) Bobby, written and directed by Emilio Estevez.  Yep, the teen actor from The Breakfast Club who kissed Ally Sheedy.  I loved that movie so much.

While there are some similarities, Bobby isn't quite a John Hughs teen movie.  To put it simply, it would be this year's answer to Crash except if Crash was one of those original Ramli type burgers bought off a stand in a crowded food market, Bobby is a Happy Meal, complete with a toy. 

It's about 22 fictitious characters who are in The Ambassador the day Robert Kennedy was assassinated.  It did make a couple of poignant points but it is a film made by Americans, about America for Americans.  For the rest of us, we realise, American or not, we're pretty much the same, the grass is always greener on the other side and we all desire to be loved.

Plot-wise, acting, etc after Crash, this film is only impressive because who would have thought a teen actor could actually write a decent script and direct it, quite well if I might add.  It's not amazing but man, it was beyond my expectations.  So watch it if you're not sure what else to watch, I can't imagine you regretting it.

OpeningThat will do

It was a black tie event and had to drag my only dress I thought appropriate which I would have look quite stunning (if I don't say so myself ;P) if I didn't have to throw on that cardigan.  But with temperatures dropping to the high teens, I didn't think a bare back would cover it.  Practicality – 1 Vanity – 0

We were on the red carpet and all.  Sharon Stone was there.  There was the ET stand too where they interview the stars as they came in.  So we got to see most of the cast of the film – Demi Moore, Ashton Kuncher, Helen Hunt, Christian Slater, Laurence Fishbourne, Lindsay Lohan, Elijah Wood … of course Emilio Estevez … my sister asked if I was I star struck? 

The only thing that was going through my head was, why the hell didn't he get Keanu  to act in his film? 


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Hello Santa Monica!!

Santa Monica 01Across the StreetSanta Monica 02

From left to right, that’s Santa Monica beach which apparently is not good to swim in especially after heavy rainfall because the city’s sewage lines go into this section of the beach … yikes … but from this far away it looks pretty 🙂

Next, I swear I’ve seen the apartment block in movies before … it’s the view from my hotel room across Wilshire Boulevard.

And finally that’s the famous Santa Monica pier which I haven’t had quite the chance to see up close yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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