bLAh bLAh bLAh

Last year, big brother Renn had his solo exhibition – Renn Lim by Renn Lim.  This year his little sister, Aira joins him and together they let music inspire them and their creations for bLAh bLAh bLAh.

In the midst of a crazy work week and after a little detour, do not confuse Tanjong Katong with Tanjong Pagar, I made it in time for their opening night!!

Part of the charm of the night was the kids.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for little people.  When you put a bunch of them in one space and I’m a happy camper 🙂

 The littlest of them all was dear Lucy who gave me a big wave when I first saw her on the way to the bathroom.  She was inspired enough to do a little drawing herself.  Potted around and climbed up next to Shell all on her own.  She even had, what I suspect is a first date 😉

If your mothers are standing by and watching, is it still considered a first date?

Even with the kids around, I managed to find my favourite pieces for the night.  I’m amazed how much Renn has grown as an artist.

You can see the improvement on his skills and the maturity of his vision.  He may not eventually choose to be an artist as a career but he’ll always be an artist in his heart.  Sure, he’s a kid and for now, given a choice will choose the iPad over his brushes but when you see the world like he does, whether it’s a wacom stylus, a traditional paint brush or just imagination, it’s a little more fun to navigate 🙂

His 6 year old sister impressed me too!!  We always knew she had a flair for the dramatics and may possibly be a pop icon in her own time but now we know she can control a pencil  and yields it to no one.

I had such a blast that I brought my munchkins back on another night.

I love that I can bring them to an art gallery where they get to see their friends, hang out and get to learn about art too.  I think they were all mostly having fun playing in an art gallery, which doesn’t always happen for them :p  While the big ones hung out and chased each other around.  Little Rach was inspired and chose to keep herself busy being an artist herself.

One of Aira’s classmate came by while we were there too and guess what? Lo and behold, she shares the same birthday as Aira and Mabes!!

They are no means the same but have a similar energy and a penchant for dramatics 🙂  You just might be looking at the first picture of Singapore’s girl group hit!!  We can call them July 17 :p  Ok ok ok, as a bias aunt I can get carried away.  They all had so much fun hanging out that my munchkins asked when were the next time we’ll be seeing R+A again 🙂

I live for moments like these.

Well done R+A!!  Your diligence and talents to make bLAh bLAh bLAh possible are rare and inspire me to get my own film done.  Thank you both so much and congratulations on a wonderful exhibition!!

December Babies

There are a couple months in the year it’s clock-a-block with birthdays and December is one of them.  Can you actually believe this, from December 6 – December 26 I have a friend or family celebrating their birthday 🙂

Today isn’t my baby sister’s birthday but I’ll be away in KL when it is so it was an early birthday brunch celebration.  A surprise one at that!!  Don’t we all love surprises?

The best thing about it, the birthday girl didn’t have a clue.  She was lured into the restaurant by the cupcakes on display and then she saw us 🙂  Everyone was so hungry we didn’t stop to take pictures.

I love the location much more than the food.  We were at The Marmalade Pantry by the Stable Club.  When restaurants are sticky about making changes to their dishes to accomodate my vegetarian diet, I tend not get too crazy about them.  Even if they do have one vegetarian dish on their menu and especially when they charge more than fast food prices where I understand making changes isn’t efficient for them.  It is located in a quiet spot though and somewhere I thought my sister would be surprise.

And she was 🙂  so to my little sister Happy Happy Birthday!!  I couldn’t have asked more from a sister who loves me, supports me and gets me especially when no one else does.  Love you to bits!!!

Playing with Pancakes

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  It started with SIGGRAPH Asia, then Asian Television Forum and next Asian Animation Summit.  In between all that we launched the beta of our platform.  Yes, at Cloudpic we live on the edge 🙂

The night before SIGGRAPH Asia, I was feeling unusually nervous and decided to flip a couple of pancakes before going to sleep.

It is totally possible to make vegan pancakes.  Good ones at that!!  Unfortunately, these were just ok.  It’s been a while since I made pancakes and I think it was a little too much baking powder but nonetheless, it worked for a late night snack to calm the nerves before a crazy 3 weeks.  Can’t wait for a lazy Saturday morning to make them again.

The trick about pancakes is know you have to sacrifice the first one.

I don’t what it is but the first pancake off the pan always looks terrible.  I think it’s got something to do with the pan not being hot enough.  After that though, they seem come together on it’s own.

And viola!!

One more week before we start to settle down into the holiday season.  Meanwhile, it’s back to the grind and making sure everything on the beta is moving along smoothly.