My Goddaughter and Me

It’s my little Goddaughter’s first birthday today, August 12, 2010 and I’m doing up this is a whole page dedicated to her 🙂  It’s going to be a collection of a 100 pictures of her and me (in chronological order) over as long as it takes to collect them … and basically my thoughts to her about this and that and all things her and me 🙂

August 2009 (1)

Early December 2009 (2)

Mid December 2009 (3)

Late December 2009 (4)

January 2010 (5)

My Dearest Rachael,

When your Daddy, my dear dear cousin and your Mummy asked me to be your Godmummy, I was so so so happy because I couldn’t be any more luckier to have been blessed with such a beautiful little Goddaughter who came in the shape of you.

At one, you have a funny disposition and obviously have a wild side.  Yes, you break into giggles when I swing you up high.  It takes you a while to warm up to people but you know how to hold your own with your brother and sister.

March 2010 (6)

Your hair is growing out nicely.  Though many still remark how cute a boy you are 🙂 And we’re still wondering what your first word is going to be?  We most definitely don’t have to wonder what to feed you coz you’ll eat almost anything 🙂  I can’t tell you how glad I am that we share a love for durians and the chocolate truffle cake from Cedele ;P

June 2010 (7)

June 2010 (8)

So as we celebrate your first birthday with a small and intimate dinner with those who love you with all their hearts, know that I wish you a life filled with everything you ever hope for.

I’m looking forward to the 100 pictures of us that I’m going to curate on this page.  For now, this is definitely my favourite.

Early July 2010 (9)

Don’t you agree that’s a really nice one of the both of us? You were in such a good mood that day, all smiles and not whiny at all :p when we went to check out the sky park at the new Marina Bay Sands.  Yes, you came into the world the same year as the IRs in Singapore … well, actually you made your appearance a couple of months a head of them but that’s something easy for me to remember how old the IRs are.  They’ll always be the same age as you 🙂

You know what I’m interested in?  A photo of you and me when I’m 80 and you’re 46 :p  For now, here’s one just a couple of weeks before you turn 1.

Early August 2010 (10)

So you turned one and we shared weekend together.  Now we’re a lot more chummy too!!  Here’s the pic of us from that weekend when your Daddy and Mummy took off to Bangkok.  It was taken in the United Square Toys R Us, just before your sister had a breakdown :p

End August 2010 (11)

It’s February 26, 2011 and a long while since I last updated this page.  Life kinda took a turn on its own and basically went crazy for a bit.  It’s not quite settled down and I’m hoping one day when you ask me about this time of our lives, I’d be able to laugh about it and share the life lesson of making mistakes.  Key thing to remember, you admit that you’ve made one, learn from it and never repeat it again.  It is a life lesson so you just get better by practicing 🙂

Anyway, we had a blast in Perth in November 2010 and here’s you at 1 year and 3 months.

Mid Nov 2010

Not quite pictures of the two of us and we seem to have forgotten about it.  So I have to remind myself to take some next week when we go out.  For now, here’s 2 more montages of your start of 2011.

January 2011

February 2011

You haven’t said much yet but it looks like you will be soon.  For now everything is MAMMMEEEEEEE and you also say ‘bye’ quite well.

It’s been like a while since my last update and you’re an absolutely darling at 22months!!  We haven’t got a nice pic together but this will do for now.

Mid June 2011 (12)

You’re so much more outgoing and love interacting with everyone now.  You’re also talking a lot more but it’s still a little hard to understand you.  I love how your personality is coming true.  Another Tan girl, you’re going to be. What that means is like your Cheachea and your aunts, you’ll wonder why the world can’t be nicer to you and you’re the one always having to be the one that makes the wrongs right :p

Meanwhile, I love this video of you and I watch it every time I need to be reminded that the world is an amazing place.

Love you to bits!!

It’s been about 4 months since the last update.  We need to be more diligent about taking photos every month.  I take A LOT of photos of you but very few of the both of us.  I’m going to make a mental note to take a monthly picture every 12th 🙂 Well, last night we got one that rivals Early July 2010.

Mid October 2011 (13)

You’re smiling so sweetly in this picture and I think this is going to be my favourite one for a while.  It’s also my favourite time with you – when you’re 2 🙂  We hang out together, in fact, we can hang out alone!!  Just you and me!!  You still enjoy being thrown into the air and swung around like a pendulum.  You’re TALKING so much more.  ‘Elephants’ is one 3 syllabus word you say with clarity.  Every animal seems to say ‘moooo’ to you.  We’ll get ‘woof’, ‘meow’, ‘bah’, ‘ribbit’, etc into your repertoire soon enough.  You’re good with visual cues and love nursery rhymes.  I suspect Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is one of your favourites.  And here’s where you differ from your brother and sister, you’re an animal lover for sure!!  You can’t wait to cuddle and play with your dog, Rainbow.  Even the slighter bigger Wags does not intimidate you … heck no animal does … maybe you’ll be a vet 🙂  That’s the latest from October 2011.

Here’s the latest from November.  You’re starting to talk in sentences and my favourite was when we were walking around a shop ad your Mummy called out “Rachael!” and you went, “You called me?”  When you can read you’ll probably think “huh, what’s so great about that?” but it was cute and so innocent 🙂

November 2011 (14)

This was taken at Lao Co’s surprise birthday dinner at Sushi Tei.  You were holding a grudge against Coco Val whom you wanted to go out with a couple of days ago but she couldn’t take you.  So when I got there you were all grumpy and when I asked you what’s wrong?  You angrily pointed at Coco Val.  LOL.  It was hilarious … again … maybe only to me :p  One day, you’ll have your little own Goddaughter and you’ll realise how the most seemingly inane things can be so very special.

Till the next update :*

So in December 2011 you came to my office for a visit and you were your cheeky self. Yes, you cheeky personality is beginning to show.  You have a sense of humour that rivals your Godpa, which means you know how to tease.  So when you asked to smile, you chose not to O_0

 December 2012 (15)

Christmas, New Year and CNY came and went.  We saw each other but once again, taking photos together was something we don’t do much when we’re hanging out.  It’s now 2012 and you’ll turn 3 in August.  Time sure flies by!!  You’re talking much much more but like any other toddler, the best people who understand you is your Mummy, your Korkor and your Cheachea 🙂  What I’m learning about you at 2 is this, you’re great company when you’ve had enough sleep and enough to eat!!  Hey, guess what?  I’m that way too.  When I haven’t had enough sleep or am hungry, I’m a big grouch too!!

February 2012 (16 and 17)

So the first pic is the classical Rach face when you’re not happy.  That furrowed brow usually accompanied with a a high pitch whine :p  I’ve now come to the conclusion it’s because you’re sleepy and hungry because when you’re not, you’re truly a delightful 2 year old game for almost anything!!  Evidence as in the second picture where you’re willing to make fish faces and take pictures 🙂  So the key is to keep you fed and rested!!  I have this pseudo parenting down 🙂  The operative word here being pseudo.  I’m enjoying being Godma and hanging out with you, even when you’re a grouch.  Yes, to me you’re still cute then too!!  MWACKS!!

Beginning April 2012 (18)

Ok, cutie, it’s now April 2012.  You’ve got your first hair cut since it was all shaved off just before your baptism :p  With your brother and sister at catechisim classes, your Sunday morning is filled with undivided attention, which I can tell you’re enjoying.  In about 4 months till you turn 3, was just talking to your Mummy about what we’re going to do for your third birthday!!  Can’t wait 🙂  Meanwhile, you’re talking so much nowadays and in full sentences too but it’s your array of expressions that amazes me.  I can tell so much about how you’re feeling just by your little expressions.  Bananas are your favourite fruit and seeing them grow on trees excite you quite a great deal.

Guess what?  I love bananas too!!

End April 2012 (19)

May 2012 (20)

It’s official you’re a goofball.  Don’t worry, so am I LOL  That’s what your Godpa calls me all the time anyway.  I just think it’s because we know how to have fun and laugh at ourselves 🙂  You’re really a bundle of fun to hang out with nowadays!!  It will keep getting better, I’m sure but I’ll definitely miss the times when you’re 2.  Right now, you love taking pictures and make the silliest faces.  You learn from your Cheachea, for sure.  She’s another goofball too!!  While you talk a lot around us, when you’re with people you don’t know, you’re quiet.  And I mean quiet, not a peep!! Just like your Korkor and Cheachea.  You’ll also have this pained look like, please don’t talk to me.  It’s still kinda a goofy look 🙂

My favourite exchange with you happened recently too.  We found out that yellow is your favourite colour.  When your Mummy asked you why, your reply was “I like lah!!”  Yes, you’re sassy like that too. We’ll see how cute this is when you’re 16 :p  So when you’re reading this when you’re a teen remember you can speak nicely too 😉  At 37, I forget some times too but we keep trying, right?

By the way, I’m totally impressed that you like yellow and aren’t going with the usual pink.  You may not think much about it but it shows you like what you like despite what most other people like.  This strength is a double edge sword though.  You may always think you’re right even when you aren’t.  It’s something I know really well … yah, I like to think I’m always right too 🙂  It is important to be original and stay true to yourself but it’s finding yourself is what you’ll struggle with.  There’ll be days when you know exactly what you want and there’ll be days when everything is a complete blur.  It’s just called “growing up” … and guess what?  I’m still growing up too!!

Anyway, we missed pictures in June.  Yes yes yes, I should be more on top of it. I say that all the time, don’t I?  I’ll make sure we get some for July and then you’ll turn 3 in August!!  I’m already thinking about what we’re going to do for your birthday.

Beginning July 2012 (21)

Here’s our first pic in July and I love love love it!!  Over July’s first weekend, we went to Gardens by the Bay and your brother had a blast with Nicole.  Your sister, on the other hand, was determined not to enjoy herself and wanted what no one could give her – an iPhone to call her own.  You seem to enjoy yourself  enough and I’m sure we’ll be back there again 🙂  I still need the Gardens to grow on me.  I had a good time because I was with you kids but it’s a little too built up for me.  Not enough park areas to feel the nature :p

On Sunday, we also went to Fidgets, an indoor playground where you showed us that you’re truly growing up.  The previous two times we went, you were so scared and barely played at all.  This time, it took you a while but once you warmed up you ran and played with the big kids, your Korkor, your Cheachea, Nicole and Jonah.  Can’t wait for our next visit to another indoor playground!!  While I do like watching you have fun on your own, do take your tie growing up :p

Mid July 2012 (22)

This is a picture of us mucking around before mass :p  Not sure how you truly feel about mass yet but you sure like the singing 🙂  Especially the gospel acclamation!!  You even went for children’s liturgy without your brother and sister.  Ok ok, you didn’t go alone, I was with you but I was so proud you chose to do someone on your own.  Being the youngest, it’s kinda tough to do things on your own since you neve have had to do it.  You usually aren’t adventurous but one Sunday I asked if you wanted to go even though they didn’t and you said ‘yes’ 🙂  I could tell you were a little apprehensive but you got into it and didn’t let the new experience faze you.

We went to Universal Studios Singapore for your third birthday and you had a blast.  Talk about new experiences, you even went for the Transformers ride!!  You were brave enough for the roller coaster ride in Jurassic Park too 🙂  I can’t believe how fast you’re growing.

Late August 2012 (23)

This was taken during a staycation at Resorts World Singapore.  You’re sister was being cheeky and hiding behind us.  You’re getting to be as cheeky as she is too.  The two of you are a riot to be with.  Constantly, singing, dancing and up to general mayhem :p  Sisters are the best!!  You’ll be each other’s best friends always and worse enemies some times :p but you’ll both learn that life without each other just isn’t as great as it is with each other.  And please, the both of you, be kind to your brother.  He has quite a bit to put up with when you two are having fun being silly 🙂

The thing that marks your third year is your variety of facial expressions.  In fact, you have a wholes arsenal of them. I think I might do up a whole post about your goofy faces. They make me seriously laugh out loud 🙂  You’re getting really good at mimicking too.  Here’s proof:-

Mid August 2012 (24)

That’s you and me doing a face that I’ve subconsciously done my WHOLE life.  I actually didn’t know I did that face till my Daddy aka your Lao Chek pointed it out to me when I was about 8 or so.  I still do it and am not sure why.  You’ve apparently picked it up 🙂  I have to say it looks way cuter on you than it does on me.  Maybe you and I should do a series of goofy faces?  Before we do more goofy faces, here’s one of us on the way to Pulau Ubin.

Mid October 2012 (25)

Your Godpa’s sister came for a visit and we brought her to Pulau Ubin.  You were really quiet with her but you’re warming up with your Godpa and played with him in the restaurant where we had lunch.  That’s progress!!  You’re still incredibly shy and I think they will change when you go to school, which will be happening next year.  We have a couple of months to get you ready for that :p

End October 2012 (26)

Mid November 2012 (27)

It’s November 2012 and you’re liking the whole picture taking thing.  I’m soaking it all up because I know this won’t last.  Your brother and sister went through the whole thing and now they don’t want to take pictures with me anymore.  I don’t know when you’ll stop but in the meantime, I’ll be snapping away!!

Again, I’ve missed December and January :p  Maybe when you get older, you can take over this remembering to take a pic every month thing.  Meanwhile, when I get too busy, I just take pictures of you and none of us.  This Chinese New Year, I remembered though and your Godpa took this one of us.

February 2013 (28)

You were so funny, I said, please smile, we haven’t been taking pictures together for a while and you replied, I’m smiling already 🙂  This year you will be turning 4 and right now at about 41months, you’re really talking.  I like having conversations with you.  Can’t wait for us to just hang out one on one, like I do with your brother and sister, and just chit chat.

We managed to get couple of pictures in for the last day of March which is Easter this year of 2013!!

March 2013 (29)

We enjoy our Sunday breakfasts and mass every week.  Your favourite part of mass use to be the Gospel Acclamation where you’ll belt out Alleluia but as you’ve gotten older, it isn’t some much any more.  It’s still tough for you to sit through quietly but you’re not quite as antsy as your sister :p  You’re getting familiar with the different rituals and I love watching anticipating them and knowing what to do.  You are growing too fast though … but that’s just my own opinion.  I’m not quite sure you feel the same way 🙂

April 2013 (30)

The above picture is of us standing in line buying your Coco Charlene and my sister, her weekly buns.  We meet every Sunday for breakfast while your sister and brother go for their catechism classes.  I’m going to miss these Sundays once you start your classes too.  Some Sundays you’re a little miss grumpy boots and nothing can make you laugh and other Sundays, like when we took this picture, you giggle at any silly thing I do and make me laugh out loud with your silly antics.  You have a sense of humour about you and great timing with your punch lines.  I do wonder if your calling in life will require some level of performing. I may be bias but you’re a hoot to watch.

May came and went.  I was in Bali, was busy with work, we had a play date with Kait and Kei and your Godpa fractured his ankle.  We didn’t grab any pictures so we made up for it when we were in Perth.  The last time we were in Perth you were a little more than a year old and not talking much.  This time you’re talking, having conversations and surprising me with quips like this:-

Me: Oh no!  We missed your Daddy’s call.

You: Too bad … (not missing a beat and continuing with what you’re doing)

You’re really getting good at teasing too.  Yes, you crack me up every time you try to make fun of me.  I really do love your sense of humour.  Here’s us fooling around for the camera:-

June 2013 (31)

It was our first morning in Perth and it was a beautiful day for winter.  Actually we were really lucky for winter, most of the days we were there, it was amazing weather.  Nothing like the winters I use to dread when I was living there.  More than that we managed to escape the terrible haze in Singapore.  The PSI hit a record high 401 while we were in Perth.

Jun 2013 (32)

Your God Mama aka Auntie bought you this pink jacket that you obviously loved!!  It was the only one you wanted to wear ALL the time 🙂  Except when you went to bed, which I really enjoyed having you, your sister and brother entertain us every night before hitting the sack.  I truly enjoy hanging out with the three of you.  You’re all growing so fast and I know trips like these will become fewer as you guys get older.  So I lapped it up every night.  Helping you guys change into PJs, you drinking your milo and one night, you were so sleepy you fell asleep while drinking and some milo dripped into you ear :p  You’re also getting much better with sleeping quietly through the night.  Yes, you’re growing too fast for me.  Besides watching you guys fall asleep, I loved waking up to the chirpy noises of you guys being awake in the morning.

June 2013 (33)

Which is why the above shot is so very special too 🙂  We woke up for breakfast and washed dishes for the first time together.  I’m sure there will be a whole bunch of other “first time” we’ll share.  Like the first ever wedding you attended was in Perth too, in 2009.  Our picture #2 was that first wedding we shared together.  Since then there were other weddings and this time in Perth, we got another picture together.

June 2012 (34)

From our #2 picture, you can see how much BOTH of us have grown 🙂  I can’t wait for your wedding day and the picture we’ll be taking together on that day!!  Meanwhile, I’ll keep track of these days as you keep growing.

June 2013 (35)

Next up is your 4th birthday.  Then it’ll be my 40th in a couple of years O_o  That said, I’m looking forward to making more memories 🙂

July came, your Godpa and I went for our honeymoon finally 🙂  One day, I hope to bring you guys to Canada, I think you’ll love it there.  I came home in time for your birthday and surprised you with your very first school celebration.

August 2013 (36)

That’s you and me in your school.  It was fun for me to see you with your friends and to get to know them a little too.  That wasn’t it, we celebrated your birthday again with dinner at our favourite pizza place where you got yet another birthday cake to cut.  I think all in all, you had 4 birthday cakes.  One early, two on your birthday and another one after.  I wonder when you’re all grown up if you remember this day.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, here’s a new favourite photo of us.

August 2013 (37)

You were very happy on your 4th birthday and it was lovely to be able to share it with you.  I’m wondering how your turning 5 year will be.  I suspect you’ll get funnier than you already 🙂  Here’s how i think you’re funny.  Our next photo isn’t quite one that we took together but it’s a conversation we had over Whatsapp with your Mum.

September (38)

One day you’ll be older like how your brother and sister are right now and not so interested in taking pictures anymore so I’m sucking up this time when you’re always ready to pose for the camera and love to take a mickey out of it 🙂  I promise, when you’re older and you want me to that all these pictures down from the world wide web, I will.  Meanwhile, know they make me smile especially when I’m away from home on my business trips.

It’s been a lot of trips for me lately.  Another was to Perth again for your cousin’s/Godbrother’s baptism.  Like the picture before, I love whatsapp which helps me keep in touch with you via your Mummy.

Early October 2013 (39)

I sent you a pic of a pair of sunnies in a mall and you set me yours back.  You have such a great sense of humour, which bring me to my other picture.  Selfies!!  It’s all the rage … as in, it’s beginning to bug people but I do love taking selfies with you.  Trying different expressions and just being plain silly.  I hope you never grow too old to be silly!!

Mid October 2013 (40)

Then there the next picture, I don’t know where you learnt to pose like that but that’s how you wanted us to pose.  I bet it was in school that you learnt this 🙂

Late October 2013 (41)

Talking about school, I came home for your graduation concert.  Your very first time performing.  You were a little nervous but you came through and performed everything you practiced.  Can’t wait for next year!!  For now, I love the fact you enjoy books.  You may not reading quite yet but you do enjoy books.  I have to say that makes me happy happy happy … simply because I love books too.  So it’s nice that we share that.  I’m hoping this is the beginning of a long relationship with books.  When you get to 10, I’ll think of getting you an ebook.  In the meantime, it’ll be all the wonderful picture books that I love so much too.  Give me an idea that maybe the next pictures we take, we should take them with the books.

Meanwhile, it’s taking us a while to collect this 100 pictures of us.  I guess if we took one every month, it’ll be about 8 over years.  Hmmm … wonder if we’ll get there before you turn 10.

Christmas and the New Year came and went. We grabbed our next collection of pictures in the Year of the Horse.

End January 2014 (42)

Kinda reminds me of the collection we did March last year.  It’s amazing the changes your face went through in just a year.  It’s also obvious that I’ve grown older too.  Also, how we never get sick of making silly faces 🙂  I hope we never get sick of it.  Ever.

End January (43)

Mid February (44)

Mid March (45)

Snap! And with that we’re in April.  You’re really a big girl now.  The last 3 photos shows how you’re changing every month and so fast too.  Even you’ve started noticing how much you’ve grown too because we do this “acrobat’ thing where I carry you upside down.  You’ve notice that your head is a lot more close to the floor than it use to be.  You asked me and I told you it’s because you’re taller and not because I’m not carrying you higher.  Actually I’m carrying you higher than I normally did, say 3 months ago.  I’m putting it on record here, I think you’ll be taller than me when you hit 12.

April 2014 (46)

In April your Coco Cheryl got married and that was our pic we took together.  There were a lot of good pictures from that day and I love how sweetly you’re smiling in this.  At 4 and a half, we’re having lots more conversation and you’re warming up to Godpa a lot more too 🙂  The three of us went for a walk too and we had a good chit chat.  I think you and Godpa will have lots of teasing in the future.  He loves your sense of humour and amazes at your timing.  You’re a natural and I wonder if you’ll go into theatre like we both did.

5 thoughts on “My Goddaughter and Me

  1. Oh this is really sweet. How lucky Rachael is!!!! And yes, you 2 look fabs in that pix! Carl, knowing you and by the looks of this, I’m expecting way more than 100 pix! 🙂 2 thumbs up!

  2. Hahahahaha 🙂 Can’t say that you don’t know me :p We’ll see, I just may up it to the best 1000 pics of us 😀

  3. Both Rachael and you are simply blessed! an extraordinary gift to each other from God! You are a wonderful Godma and Rachel, a darling God-daughter! Both of you look beautiful together so how about more photos of both of you together 🙂 yes, yes looking forward to the best of 1000 pics and more 🙂

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