F1 In Singapore

Yes, it’s F1 weekend but I’ll miss it entirely.  For me the whole event may as well have not happened … why?  Coz I’ll be spending the weekend in Chang Zhou … yes, I’m not even sure where that is.  My job has perks but it’s times like this, I wonder :p  So Mr Running Chan, this one’s for you coz GCA is just one day.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping to learn more about China.  Been a while since I was in Hang Zhou and Nanjing … wonder if Chang Zhou is very different or much of the same.  Well, I’ll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, happy F1 weekend everyone!!!


Pixar does it again for me. A simple story and kick ass animation that had me enraptured the entire film. Who would have thought that an audience can giggle and even cry a little for a story with nearly no dialogue at all? At US$180,000,000, WALL-E is the most expensive Pixar film to date and I have a hunch it’ll just keep getting more and more expensive. It’s a far cry from the US$30,000,000 they spent on the first Toy Story and it shows 🙂

The flawless design and animation brought the robots alive. Made me feel for WALL-E and EVE, believe in their relationship and kept me rooting for them through out the 97minutes of the film. One of my favourite scene is the one when EVE and WALL-E ‘dance’ in space. So romantic … and I never thought I’d say this about two robots spinning around in space 🙂

The relevant story line where a giant corporation manages to leave a dead earth will ring true for generations to come. Not so unimaginable where human beings becoming obese from having robots do everything for them. They were cute, very cute and showed a real possibility if we don’t start heed the WALL-E story.

It’s been a while since I enjoyed myself this much in a cinema, so if you haven’t caught WALL-E don’t wait and go have fun 🙂 My only one very very very small complain is why a cockroach? Any of my friends would know that if I actually have one fear, it’s cockroaches and every time Hal (that’s WALL-E’s pet cockrach’s name … yes, they gave him a name) appears on the big screen, despite it’s quite cute design … I had goose bumps :p

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for the DVD release … I might even catch it on big screen again. So if you haven’t seen it and want some company, you know who to call 🙂

Second Haircut For The Year

It’s been about 8months since my first cut for the year and my head was starting to feel really heavy. So on Friday I finally stopped procrastinating, feeling a bit of a daredevil, I made an appointment for Sunday for a change. That was how I felt on Friday. This morning when I woke up and I wasn’t sure if I could do the bob cut I saw in my head and change the colours I was so game for just 2 days ago.

Sigh. So yes, I’ve gone back to just keeping the same style … why? It works, I wake up and take a brush through my hair and I’m ready for work. Simple and no fuss. That’s more me than an edgy cut with colours. Till my mid life crisis, this will have to do 🙂

That said, I have to give it to my stylist who manages a cut that grows out well so that I only see her twice a year. She does really know me 🙂

Games Convention Asia 2008

Work’s been rather busy this week, that and hanging out with family but I did manage to find time for Games Convention Asia 2008. After all it’s part of work 🙂 It’s the second time round this annual game show is in town and after 3 days it’s now all over. As part of my job, lucky me gets to check it out 🙂 So there we were, Daph, Daryl and me exploring the show floor, gathering market intelligence and testing out the different games.

Yep, you read right 🙂 After the official opening and with the crowd still on the quiet side, the three of us managed to try out a couple of games. We had a go of the F1 track that’ll happen next weekend … yes, the virtual one designed and created by the NYP students. Made up a band and had an audience watch us as we tried out Rock Band at the EA booth. My favourite was the Nintendo booth where different Wii sets were available with different games … if I had a TV at home, I’ll buy a Wii set … thank goodness, I don’t 🙂 After all that intense market intelligence gathering, we took a break with WALL-E and EVE.

Made me all excited about the film, can’t wait to catch it this weekend 🙂 In the meantime, GCA see you next year for my annual gaming fix 😉

Sometimes It Gets Perfect

Yesterday evening was one of those times, when everything I ever have to complain about Singapore like lack of space or humid weather disappeared because of the view outside my window.  Lately, I’ve been enjoying some of the most amazing sunsets.  It’s a little because of the ways the clouds form and a little because of when the sun is setting.

Whatever is making the sky look amazing enough to silence me for about 20minutes, I’m just glad it’s happening.  It’s like God’s simple way to remind me, I do have it good 🙂  Happy weekend, everyone!!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Run 2008

Alrighty everyone, it’s confirmed I’ve registered for the 10km run and come December 7th, I’ll be putting this 33 year-old body under a wee bit of stress.  We’ll see if she can rise to the occasion.  Meanwhile, I’m putting together a simple training regime to at least make sure I complete the 10km.  Why have I decided to do something like this?  Well, part inspiration from my running friend, May and if my other friend, Ervin can do … I should be able too, right?  And the other part figures, if I don’t do it now, I probably will never.  Anyway, Resh has signed up too so I won’t feel that bad when I come in last with her just a tad in front of me :p  Wish me luck everyone 🙂


The move is official and I’ve set up my new home in Fusionopolis.  It’s kinda like the wild west at the moment with not much in terms of food and amenitites around but I think we’ll survive :p  We don’t have choice.  At least, I’m surrounded by the Ds 🙂

That’s my desk on the right and my partner-in-crime, Daph’s right next to mine 🙂  Here’s what I mean when I say it’s a lot less space than what we had before. That’s the last one picture of my cubicle at Hill Street.

Other than that, we’re fitting in fine, getting use to the open-ness and being able to hear everyone 🙂  Think it’s a more a problem for others rather than me since I’m the noisy one :p