Post Phuket

Yet another overdue post that was written but was waiting for the pictures :p

I’m no longer a Phuket virgin and the first time was a little surreal, like most other first times, I guess.  Didn’t really feel like I was in Thailand because I didn’t get to eat my mango and sticky rice!!  Yes, tell me about it!!  Who goes to Thailand and doesn’t get to eat mango with sticky rice?  Me over the last weekend (Oct 15-16).

Other than that, I had no complaints.  We were at a lovely resort and barely left it.  It was great company and I’m looking forward to what we decide to do next year 🙂

So I can’t really comment on Phuket.  I think I’m still more inclined to Bali only because we’re more familiar with it.  The thing I always find strange about Thailand is this, for a land of Buddhist people, vegetarianism isn’t as common place as you would expect it.  Nonetheless, I don’t have any problems.  Actually being vegetarian nowadays really is quite easy and no one bats an eyelid any longer 🙂

I’m really lucky when it comes to friends.  People who try their darnest to be good people.  They aren’t many and those who are, are my friends 🙂  And that’s exactly what you need for a good getaway, good company.  Everything else pretty much falls into place.

Till next year!!

The Wongs

Back dated post, which should have gone up about a month ago :p

Another baby has flown the coop.  That means I have a baby to visit the next time I go to Shanghai 🙂  Yipee!!  More reasons to go to China.

Phoebe is such a sweetie.  She lets me cuddle her and sits quietly in my arms as we’re having dinner and my favourite bit about her, she wants to eat everything in sight.  She’s definitely a little bit of Mummy and a little bit of Daddy and as easy going as the both of them.

I caught up with Phoebe and her parents last week before they got on a plane and made their delayed but big move to Suzhou, China.  Daddy Wong runs one of Singapore’s pioneer animation studio and is off to to run their China arm.  Mummy Wong is one of Singapore’s pioneer kick ass producers.  They truly don’t make them like they use to and it’s a little sad to see the industry loosing yet another talented producer.  She’s putting up her producing hat for a bit and putting on her mummy hat where in China she’ll be doing the whole tai tai thing.  Though her tai tai gig includes cleaning, washing and cooking 🙂

All the best to the Wongs who will be in China for winter.  Bbbbrrrrrr!!!

See you all soon!!!

Phuket, Here I Come!!!

Someone was really surprised that as a Singaporean I’ve never been to Phuket.  Well, neither has my parents, so there :p  All that changes in a couple of days though coz come this weekend I’ll be off to Phuket, Thailand!!  Nope, my husband isn’t back and it isn’t a romantic getaway.  It’s with my beach bum crew – Zack, Miss Chan and Resh!! That just means it’ll be a very decadent weekend of eating, chillling, massages and a whole load of FUN FUN FUN!!

And if the water is as blue as this picture I got from the web, I’ll be a happy camper 🙂  Can’t wait to update from there.  It’s been slightly over a year since our last getaway in Bali so we’re so due for another beach getaway.

Well, at least I am coz my beach bum crew had a Bali getaway that I couldn’t be a part off in May >.<

In case you’re wondering, we’ll be putting up at the Westin Siran Bay Resort and Spa.  Did I mention there will be massages?  Oh yah baby, I’m so looking forward to this weekend 🙂

Working With My Hands

It’s no big secret, I’m not a girly girl.  If I never got into theatre and acting, I may never actually wear make up but I did and there’s a part of me that really enjoys looking pretty.  By and large though, I’m a tom boy at heart.  When my Mummy wanted to buy her first born baby girl dolls and dresses, I asked for cars and guns.  Everyone knows how much robots get me all excited.  Then going to an all girls school where we were imbibed with the thoughts that anything is possible.  I’d like to think I’m as handy with my hands as the next guy.  In fact, I like to think I’m better than most guys :p

With that, I’m sharing a secret … one that I won’t tell my Dad just yet.  I don’t think he’ll be reading this post any time soon but I bought a TV console and fixed it up even though my Daddy reckoned I shouldn’t :p  In fact, I fixed up three things in a span of an hour and forty minutes.  A laundry bin, a coat hanger and the TV console.

Strangely the toughest one to fix was the laundry bin on the left.  It’s a metal frame that I had to literally hammer together.  At 9 in the night, I wasn’t sure if my neighbours were going to be banging on my door from all that racket but bless their souls, no one actually complained about the 15minutes worth of metal clanking loudly against each other :p  The TV console was truly not as tough as I had expected and the coat hanger was as simple as a jigsaw puzzle.


In truth, when the faucet in my kitchen sink decided to give way, I was so tempted to fix it myself too.  Nooooo, I’m not crazy and trying to channel my inner Tim The Toolman Taylor just yet.  I’ll stick to the Ikea fix it type furnishing for now.

Till then the Kre-O Bumblebee will feed all my building needs 😉  Happy Children’s Day!!

P/S: I told my Daddy about me putting it altogether and let’s just say, he was duly impressed 🙂

Rock Climbing

I have a grand plan.  The next time I’m back in Vancouver, I’m going to take my brother-in-law up on his offer to take to me mountaineering 🙂  He had plans the last time I was back.  Considering I had never done it before I thought it best to reschedule for my next visit.

Meanwhile, I reckon I should start training.  I mean it’s like a marathon, right?  You want to respect the mountain you wanna conquer.  So I thought I should, at the very least, be trying to climb a man made wall first … and last Saturday, I finally made it out to Singapore’s tallest indoor wall.

I have to admit, when I got there and stood at the foot of the wall, I started to get nervous :p  Nope, I’m not usually one to be afraid of heights but I think everyone isn’t too thrilled about falling from a height they can’t technically jump from.  So when I got to the top, I was actually surprise at how high up it was and how comfortable I felt peering down.

But alas … I only managed that one time.  That first climb, like most other virgin experiences, took much out of me.  My arms, my back and my fingers tried another couple of time but never made it past the half way mark.

Here’s the thing I realise about rock climbing.  It’s all mind over matter for me.  The first time, I didn’t think, I just went with my instinct and did it.  After that, I was thinking what was a better place to put my hand, where to place my feet, keep my body close to the wall.  It was a lot harder than I gave it credit.  That said, I’m ready to give it another go.  My back hasn’t felt like it has been worked out till now 🙂

Wish me luck and I’ll keep everyone updated with my progress!!