So Long 2008

Yesterday in the car, a couple of friends and I were chatting about how the New Year’s eve is just another day. In many ways, it is and like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day … even Easter … it’s the commercial world that makes it bigger than it really is so that the consumers we all are have yet another reason to spend money. Cynical? To some, I can see why they’d think I’m a jaded 30something who’s forgotten how to have fun.

In my little world, I don’t need an excuse to have fun. That’s why I like getting older … you do get a little wiser 😉 You get more comfortable in your own skin, you don’t do things just to get a reaction, you know it’s ok to stay home and enjoy some quiet time with love ones … in fact, you crave it so that’s what I’m hoping to do tonight. So young or old, I hope you do exactly what you want to do tonight 🙂

For whatever it’s worth, I’m looking forward to 2009, with changes on the home front, work front and even a stint in India, I have a hunch it’s not going to be a boring one. No siree, not at all. All I can say in the next couple of weeks, I have to pack up the house, tie up work stuff and pack for 2months in India. If nothing else, 2009 might just be a busy one. Here’s the warmest wishes that yours be filled with all your wishes coming true too 🙂

Ip Man

Move over Mr Wong Fei Hong. Mr Ip Man is in the house. Jet who? That’s right, it’s all about Donnie Yen. I’m on a Wing Chun high at the moment but more than that, it’s the gentlemen philosophy of it all. My favourite line from the film was when Mr Ip Man said, “There are no men who fear women, just men who respect women.”

If only more boys were taught that and looked like Donnie Yen. I bet there’ll be less wars and we’ll all be much happier 😉 Yah, in my little world, things work on a different beat. If you’re in the mood to feel all patriotic to the motherland, China, this film is for you. Also, if you need a new idol … coz I’m now keen on 32 year old, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi.


He was much yummier in the movie. So I’m looking out for an earlier movie he made, Space Travellers. Daph told me Takeshi is in it too … that’s enough for me to hunt it down with a vengeance!!

Happy eve of New Year’s Eve, everyone!!

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas time is great. I say this every year and it gets more true with each one. Wonder if age has anything to do about it? I just keep getting more and more grateful with the blessings in my life, namely family and friends, without whom life would be rather sad. So this Christmas eve, like others before it, my division lets their hair down and have fun with some food and drinks.

It’s times likes these that remind me that I actually have it real good where I work. Politics is going to be everywhere and as much as I try to ignore it, there’ll be people who play only for themselves but when it comes to the people that matter, the ones I work the closest with, I’m real blessed 🙂  Here’s more pictures from our office party.

There was even entertainment!!  Thanks Daryl, you should join the next idol competition 🙂

And what’s a party without little people 😉

Hope this Christmas brings you the same joy and here’s to a fantastic holiday!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Little Zizou

A couple of weeks back at the opening of the Asian Festival of First Films, I caught a gem of a film from India called Little Zizou, where Zizou refers to footballer Zidane. In the film, it refers to the lead boy who is hoping that Zidane comes to Mumbai. For lack of a better comparison, it’s India’s answer to Little Miss Sunshine – a dysfunctional family in a marginal community of India.

The film reminded me of a John Updike interview I read a long time ago, when asked what makes a good story, he said something to the effect that a good story has charm, funny moments and is always surprising. That in a nutshell was this English language film from India. It’s a simple story with heart … and when I came out of the film, I found myself asking why can’t we Singaporeans make films like that? I haven’t quite found the answer but maybe 2009 will surprise me.

Meanwhile, I hope this film is released in the theatres locally. My 2 cents is that everyone should go catch it.


Grandmas are the greatest, aren’t they? And my Mama was the best 🙂 When I was born in 1975, my Grandma’s youngest son was only 9 and I was her second grandchild, my older cousin was only about 7 months old and my other cousin was due 9 months after me. So needless to say, alone time with her then was few and far between. That was the amazing thing about my Grandma, with 5 children, 5 children-in-laws and 12 grandchildren, she still managed to makes each of us feel special.

As we all started to grow and find our own independence (for me that was went I was in Perth, Australia enjoying myself with University) she started to have more time for herself and one-on-one time with us. I was real fortunate to have had a few and some of my favourite memories of my Mama, are simple things like her waking from her sleep to make me a cup of milo after I came home real late from rehearsals or an editing session, scooping me more of her yummy sweet and sour and her comfortable hugs I sink right into.

My favourite one though was circa 1996, I was home for the summer holidays.When I came back during the holidays then, I was the official family chauffeur 🙂 So most mornings, I’d take my sister to school and my Mummy to work and usually after that, I’d go home and crash right back into bed. One morning, I decided to drop in on my Mama. She was surprise to see me so early and was a little happier than usual:-

My Mama: Did you drive?
Me: Yes (and pointing to the car)
MM: Great, you can drive me to the market.
M: Ok, Tekka?
MM: No, Pek Kio.

So there we were driving from Thomson Road towards Cambridge Road and I was thinking it’s been a while since I went marketing with my Mama. Markets aren’t my favourite places but I found myself looking forward to it. When we got there, I started to look for the carpark and my Mama told me that there’ll be no need to park. She wanted me to wait for her by the street. I remember being a little confused and thought to myself that it’s so considerate of my Mama, knowing that I’m not into wet markets. She then proceeded to tell me to wait a little further away from the market. Here’s where I got really confused. I was like ‘huh?’. I watched her get out of the car and walk away from the market, I lost her as she walked into the alley of shops.

There I was sitting in the car and wondering what my Mama was getting up to. In about 15minutes, my Mama was back bordering on gleeful. she gets back into the car and showed me little dockets from the 4D store and said to me, “Today big sweep $5million!”

It’s been 9 years today since she went back home to heaven, and I finally understand what people mean when they say. “there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of so and so.” I use to think it was a cliche statement, now I do understand. It’s strange but everyday in the most unusual and common of things, like 4D dockets or milo that I’m reminded of my Grandma, my other maternal Grandma and my Grandpa.

Mama, Gonggong and Popo, till we meet again, have a Merry Christmas!!! Love you all HEAPS.

There’s No Good TV

Over the last weekend, I caught up on TV as I puppywatched. Watched season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy, finished the last season of The West Wing and caught an episode of the new 90210.

All I can say is TV today is lacking quite a bit. Other than The West Wing, GA and 90210 left much to be desired. GA has been stealing medical cases from House!! Symptoms and even the conclusions of curing them are verbatim from House!! Talk about ripping off ideas. So we don’t only do in Singapore, it happens in LA too!!

Talk about lame. And do not get me started on 90210, it’s lame TV beyond words. The production quality is bad and the acting … heaven forbid that they’ve allowed such acting on screen. What in the world is happening to TV drama? And teen drama at that, at least the only terrible thing about the original 90210 was the styling.

Although, McDreamy and McSteamy are totally worth the story rip offs 🙂 So yes, I’ll be on the look out for season 5 but 90210, I’ll be happier catching the reruns.

Christmas and Wishlists

Bah humbug!!  As I’m doing the last sprint of my Christmas shopping marathon, I’m starting to go back on my opinions on wishlists.  When I’m watching American TV and it’s about a couple getting married and setting up a gift registry, I was like, “That’s just rude.”  Just my opinion.

My cousins who are growing up in Perth, Australia are known to make up lists for their birthdays and Christmas so that the presents we buy them will make them smile for sure.  I don’t know if it’s just the Asian value bits about me but I’m not sure about picking out stuff and telling people to go out and get them for me.  Let’s just say it’s not my thing at all.  So while I wouldn’t write up my own list, as a giver of presents I’m seeing the value of wishlists, especially now.

It’s a week to Christmas and the remaining 20% of presents I have to buy, I haven’t bought yet.  Soooooo wishlists would be very very helpful about now.  I’m hoping to get some time off tomorrow or Friday and get some last minute shopping done.  If not, I’m going to have to brave the crowds for the last weekend before Christmas … sigh … this is the bit about Christmas I like the least … shopping crowds who haven’t got what they want.

Wish me luck everyone and here’s hoping you’ve done all your Christmas shopping too 🙂  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Jules Is Home

That’s why I like Christmas time too coz friends who live abroad come home for their annual visits!! Welcome home Jujules!!!

This time she brought a friend along with her, Yasuko who’s now already back in Tokyo and this is a somewhat delayed post. After chicken rice, laksa, satay, goreng pisang (deep fried banana fritters), what will a good Singaporean recommend? ROTI PRATA!!

Needless to say, we over ordered, I use to think it was a problem my family suffers from.  Now, I think it’s a Singaporean thing.  Our eyes are way way bigger than our tummies.

So there we were at Casaurina Curries, totally yummy prata and mee goreng, it was made better because it was raining outside.  Nothing like a cold rainy weather for good teh and curry … yummmmmm

Yasuko enjoyed her 2 weeks in Singapore so much that she’s all ready to move here!!  Compared to Japan, especially Tokyo, I think we’re not so stressful … can you imagine that?  With the weather going to be rainy for the next couple of weeks, anyone else up for prata and teh?

More Birthdays

Today, my sister and my MIL celebrate their birthdays.  I’m sending out my Happy Birthday thoughts to Kelowna, Canada where my MIL calls home and to Bintan, Indonesia where my sister’s friends have taken her to for a chill out birthday weekend.

And we all know what that means for me 🙂  Puppysitting time.

Think she’s missing my sister … that or I took her for a longer walk than she’s normally use to :p

December Family Birthdays

It’s family birthday galore for me in December. It starts today with my Daddy and my Gee Pek. Yes, they’re born exactly two years apart on December 11. Then it’s my little sister and my MIL on the December 12, they’re 29 years apart. MY FIL’s birthday is on Christmas day and my cousin, Aaron has his on Boxing Day. December is a happy happy month, I say 🙂

People say I look like my Daddy. I guess in some ways I do but more than just looks, my favourite gene that I’m glad to have inherited from my Daddy is the ability to have fun and never take life too seriously 🙂 Like he told me in a recent conversation, “Some people say life is a journey to a destination, I say, life is like a trip … a vacation … there’s always good times and ever so often a little hard times (in my Dad’s case, life is especially hard when there isn’t any Chinese food around) and at the end of it all, you go home.”

I like that 🙂  Now I just have to learn to pack light 😉

So on this day, I’d like to wish my Daddy and my Gee Pek a very happy birthday!!