Post 16Day Diet

It’s official.  I’m happy, very happy thinking that Pete’s in parasite heaven enjoying all the things he’s been missing out in the last 16days.  It was good while it lasted … actually, no it wasn’t, I’m so happy that a virus can go around the office and I won’t have to succumb to it.

So day 17, my dear friends in the office enjoyed a celebratory lunch with me.  We went to Da Paolo at Cluny Court where I had not 1 slice but 2 slices of pizza!!  Yummmmmm … tomatoes … mmmmmm

After lunch, I had an orange and pineapple juice.  It was simply D.I.V.I.N.E. Needless to say I was happy happy happy 🙂

So happy that I was all excited to make dinner.  That’s because the last 16 days I was dreaming of making a two bean salad but didn’t since the recipe calls for lemons and tomatoes.  So I made it, then I was craving balsamic vinegar and made a simple leafy salad too.

Yumm again.  I’m sure Pete is as happy as I am 🙂