Apparently ducks don’t go south for the winter …

…went for a walk and came upon a creek with portion of it frozen over.  It's cute with little duck tracks in the snow over the ice. 

So I stayed on the sides and enjoy the ducks feeding in, what I would imagine as really cold water.  They are funny, kicking up their webbed feet and with their bums completely up in the air to search for food in the creek.  Those must be really good feathers.


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Survivor Withdrawal and Yul rocks!!!

It's over … Survivor:Cook Islands … it's over and I'm a little bit at a lost of what to read on the net now.  It was a great season and the guy I was rooting for won :)  Very satisfying like a good meal when you're starving.

Honestly, if Ozzy won … I'd be happy too but it was really great to have Yul win.  He truly deserve it, I mean it's very much a social game so the winner had to be more than just a fierce competitor like Ozzy was.  Ozzy was truly one of the most craziest competitor ever, in my opinion he's some mutant … some X-men of sorts 😛

For whatever it's worth, this was one of the best seasons of Survivor and all thanks to Candice for the mutiny that made it all crazy and created the greatest underdog since David – Aitutonga!!!!!

Oh well … till the next thing I get hooked on … I'll be re-reading the survivor news … oh wait, is Grey's Anatomy Season 3 on DVD already?

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Winter Wonderland

Went for a walk to enjoy the snow.  I was all bundled up and the only place that was completely naked to the cold was my nose which I felt unthawing (is there such a word?) when we got back into the car.  It's like, you know, that silly game you play as a kid squeezing all the blood out of your hand and feeling it all rush back in … that's how it felt except on my nose 😛 and my cheeks too.

Bbbbrrrr … It was cold but the view was so completely worth it 🙂

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Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Yep yep yep, it's my Daddy's birthday today and … it's also my Zi Pek's birthday too.  Yes, that makes my Dad exactly 2 years younger than my uncle.  How my grandparents did it, I'm not quite sure? 

You know the thing about horoscopes and all, despite being born on the same day, my Dad and my uncle are pretty much chalk and cheese … here's when I err to the side of the Chinese horoscope where my Dad's a Ram and my uncle's a Snake.  They do have similarities though – my Grandma's wonderful smile 🙂

So on my Daddy's birthday, I'd like to toast the last 31 years of my existence (it's afterall my blog :P) which I hope brought my Daddy enough love and laughter to ride through the storms … coz thank you, Daddy for teaching me the beauty of life – the journey may not always be smooth but trust in God and happiness is an option we can choose.  Happy Birthday and your pressies from Singapore are on the way!!!!  Love you much!!!

Happy happy birthday to Zi Pek too!!!  Love and hugs too!!!

Guess what else?  Tomorrow's my baby sister's birthday … errr but she's not a baby anymore :P  And how did my parent pull that off?  Only God knows 😉

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keep dancing … Happy Feet

Oooooooohhhhh something about little furry penguins that is so so cute.  I think I can say, I had a good enough time with Happy Feet … except the script was … was … errr … let's just say, it could have been a lot more subtle.  In Jules' exact words "too Jack Neo" but the animation of the penguins are too too cute especially the little baby ones.  I enjoyed the singing too.  And the dancing, just made me feel like dancing too 🙂

My take is that it's a good fun movie to watch on big screen but please please, no kids under the age of 8-10.  There are some serious scenes that were pretty frightening.  Think National Geographic best moments when a seal goes for a penguin.  You get the idea.

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