Day 6 of 16

10 more days to go. All things considering, I’m actually doing way better than I expected 🙂 I’m eating bread though … only vicariously through my husband, so much so he begged me to please do something else as he ate his veggie sandwich for supper … I was watching him and asking him how it tasted … about every three bites or so :p

So today, I got lazy, didn’t experiment so no pictures. Breakfast was millet puffs … yep, again, if I like something I can eat it everyday :p Lunch was leftover veggies, soup and more rice and millet pasta. Made another veggie smoothie for a snack … this time I added some ginger, yummy 🙂 Met a couple of friends for dinner, I made some beehoon 🙂 Tomorrow I can’t wait to try chickpea curry.

Today though, I had a visitor. This is what I found when I walked into kitchen.

It was a beautiful beautiful moth. I don’t usually get to observe one close up and her wings looked almost like it dripped into shape.

I remember someone once telling me visit from moths mean something … hmm … if they are as pretty as this, I wouldn’t mind more 🙂