The Chens and My Little Christian

Before I leave for my honeymoon, better late than never 😉 I caught up with my Godson.

Isn’t he growing too fast?  He’s starting to look like his Mummy and is as cute as she was when she was a little bub.  He was the perfect little one to shop with.  He likes walking around and looking at stuff.  Needed a little feed and had the cutest cry that gave a hint to the sweet personality he has.  His Mummy, my cousin and I had fun walking around the baby section of H&M.  There may not be as many boys clothes as there are girls but they are quite spiffy too.  I can’t wait to take him on one on one dates!!

In the meantime, I love watching my cousins grow as parents.  How they balance each other out perfectly 🙂  They truly are made for each other and my Godson, Christian is a pretty lucky bub.  He’s going to have his own trials and tribulations for sure but I have a good hunch, with all the love that surrounds this little one, he will be the better versions of who we all want to be.

Pacific Rim

I caught Pacific Rim twice in a week.  The first on IMAX 3D and the second in Gold Class to celebrate Jenna’s birthday.  I loved it both times and am all ready to catch it a third time in Canada with my husband.

It was all about the jaegers for me.  Huge giant robots piloted by humans.  What is there not to like, seriously?  Made me want to watch Gundam again but honestly, it was a metal porn ride for me.  Action scenes to die for.  I really couldn’t ask for more, giant robots pitted against giant monsters *shivers down my spine* ‘Nuff said.

There may be a couple of loopholes in the script but it’s as original as it gets in today’s moviemaking world.  Totally believe-able premise and wonderfully executed by Del Toro.  I loved it even more that the heart of the story took place in a futuristic Hong Kong and not LA or Chicago or New York or San Francisco.

Although it bombed out in the US, I’m pretty sure the worldwide box office for the film would be reason enough to warrant a sequel.  At least that’s what I’m hoping for.  Even my sister who has no sympathy for mechanics, enjoyed the show.  That is enough for me to know that everyone should give it a chance and watch it.  For nothing else, it is a fun show with awesome action sequences that you can see and understand 🙂

Mr and Mrs Woon

6 months ago, a little kitten was led out of the wedding bag.  This was the day we were preparing for.  It went by quick like with all happy occasions and here’s my recap of the day.  It started early for the most of the wedding party, getting into peak hour traffic to get to church on time.  I’m happy to report no one hit any major snags and we were there all ready to get the day going.  The groomsmen had the ever gorgeous bridesmaid, Nis looking over them and were all working hard when I got there 2 minutes after 9.  We settled in and of course, I started taking pictures.

From the top left hand corner, that’s Michelle and Nis getting the front table ready.  Then me and Bernie taking a pause for a picture.  Next up, Michelle and Nis when I said, “Look here girls!!”  At the bottom left, that’s Perry in between Nis and me.  I’d say, he’s in awe of how beautiful Nis looks but that’s just me 🙂  Then it’s me and Cheryl, director extraordinaire.  One of my favourite part of weddings is watching the nervous groom before the bride arrives.  Mat was playing the part well 🙂  He was well supported by his boys but the nervous buzz coupled with unbridled happiness was clear on his face that morning.

You can tell from the picture I made him take with me.  He must have been thinking,”Crazy bridesmaid Carlene, I have better things to do than take a picture with you.” but yesiree, I document almost everything.  So there’s me with the happy groom and if you didn’t think he could be happier, he did get very much more happy when his bride arrived.  I wish I had a camera while I was walking down the aisle but I didn’t and remembered looking at Mat, the smile he had when Gen walked in with her Dad.  He even teared up a little and melted my heart.

The wedding mass went smoothly and beautifully without a hitch and as simple as that Gen and Mat became Mr and Mrs Woon.  Up next was the party bit and once the photo taking in church was done, it was wrapping up and moving to our next location, Food for Thought at the Botanic Gardens.

When we got there the wedding decorators were already going to town with the place.  We helped out and arranged the other odds and ends with about 45minutes to spare.  The guests started arriving and we pinged the newly weds that the anticipation for their arrival was steadily growing.

I managed to catch a shot with the bride just before her walk in and the party started.  With loving speeches, dancing, cheers, laughter and lots of chattering, it was a room full of love and warm wishes for the newly minted Mr and Mrs Woon.  I couldn’t be happier for my dear friend, Gen.  Mat is a sweet sweet guy and perfect for her.  For Mat, Gen’s big heart is all he is going to need for the rest of his life.  I can’t wait for their little ones who I know will have all they need in their parents to face this crazy world we live in 🙂

My First Niece

Her name is Mabel and she turns 7 today.  I wasn’t in Singapore when she was born and still remember the first time I saw her when I got home and went over for a visit.  Cuddling this tiny newborn and filling up with hope and love for the first baby girl in our family full of strong girls 🙂  With all the crazy feminine influences she has around her, sometimes I can’t help but worry she’ll turn out as crazy as us.  Then I take a step back and see between my sister, cousins and I, we turned out pretty good 😉

At 7, you can see there are influences from her Mum, her aunts, particularly uncanny streaks from her Godma, dances like her Grandma and the ability to speak a different language called whining exactly like my sister :p but I’ve seen her grow into her own person and have her influence on me 🙂

My dearest Mabes-ie,

I love how you’re a little crazy like us.  Cracking us up at every chance you get.

Being the middle child isn’t easy and you’ve had to find your way around that.  At 7, I can see how you’re navigating the waters of dealing with siblings and coming into your own.  And I worry a lot less 🙂  Yes, I use to worry more.

I don’t because I’m reminded through you how strong we can be.  Watching you find yourself, learn to be comfortable with who you are and building dreams.  In the cacophony of everyday lives, these moments pass us by so quickly but when it’s just the two of us and we chat, tease each other and reveal our deeper thoughts.  You let me in your little world where you’re growing so fast into the best version yourself.  It’s inspires me to keep growing too.

So remember little one, we never stop growing.  Life is going to throw us all kinds of things.  I worry less now because I know you have what it takes to shake off the bad and relish the good 🙂

Happy birthday my darling!!  May your day be filled with love to last you a lifetime.

Love you lots,
Coco Carlene