Day 10 of 16

I now know I won’t ever be able to make it on Survivor, just 10 days of food that lack variety, I’m already climbing up the walls.  Ok ok, that’s a small exaggeration :p but seriously, I can’t imagine if it was 10 days of no food, let alone variety, I can honestly say I’d go more than a little batty :p

With that, I had brown rice and millet puffs for breakfast again.  Despite my opening, it still is something I can eat daily.  I think it’s the rice milk … while it has no sugar, it has a semblance of sweetness 🙂  I’m actually enjoying the no sugar bit of this diet.  So much so, I’m going to keep my sugar levels low after the 16days.

What I’m really itching for is bread :p  This whole thing has made me empathise with my dear little friend Renn who is allergic to wheat.  I’m determined to find a decent wheat-less bread recipe and make him a loaf this year!!!  Poor little guy loves bread too.  Well, hopefully bread made with rice flour will make a good alternative :p

Meanwhile, I got adventurous with lunch.  I steamed some eggplants and lady’s fingers.  Gently fried some ginger, cumin seeds, curry leaves and turmeric. Mixed them all together with rice for a new taste 🙂

It was pretty yummy and I had to sneak it to a somewhat new-ish fast food place in Vivo, Barcelos.  If you’re familiar with the flame grilled chicken chain, Nandos, it’s kinda like that but more fast food-ish.  My friends were just ok with the food and reckon it was too expensive for the setting and type of food.  Some good news, it had vegetarian options on the menu, which wasn’t wholly enticing but if my friends ever check it out again, I’ll try it.  Till then, I was happy with my new experiment 🙂 will try it again this weekend but this time with green chillies, which I reckon will be yummier.

Dinner was pasta salad as I caught up with Nis and Gen at Adam Road … yes, for a fleeting moment I was wishing for a vegetarian murtakbah and teh but after the moment was gone, I was actually quite happy with my salad 🙂

I wonder if this diet has changed my taste buds.  My husband reckons it would, and I won’t like eating overly processed stuff.  I’m not sure … … for now, I’m craving chocolates but not any ole’ overly processed fake chocolate bar, I want one of those divinely expensive pralines that cost like S$4 a piece 🙂  6 more days!!!