All We’ve Got

I love the Singapore public transport system.  It is a reflection of what we are really good at, being efficient and reliable.  I love the fact that in Singapore, I choose to take the bus or trains because it is a better alternative to driving.  So yah, I’m taking it a little personal when the people behind the system don’t seem to understand the urgency of what’s happening.  I’m not talking about complaining about how our lives are made inconvenient by delays.  Seriously, I agree take a chill pill, this happens in cities everywhere around the world.  In many cities, people factor delays into their already inefficient daily commutes.

My concern is this, like it or not, Singapore as a city we don’t have much but what we have is that we’re efficient, reliable and we make things work well.  Honestly, that’s pretty much all we have.  Once that starts to get eroded, I’m not sure what else is there.  We don’t have resources to allow us to be complacent and arrogant.  Innovation and culture are something we talk about rather than do.  So, yes, I’m worried.  If we don’t keep doing what we do well and get better at it, we are in serious trouble.

That’s my miff with the SMRT.  Also, the blame game that’s going on, it doesn’t help anyone.  Just find out what’s wrong and fix it.  I sure as hell hope that in the background people are working their ass off to make sure we do what we do well, happen again.

Breakdowns happen in London, in Tokyo, in New York, in Melbourne, in Vancouver and just because all these world class cities drop the ball doesn’t mean it’s ok that we do.  Then again … hang on … maybe this is all a good thing.  Once we can no longer be efficient and reliable, we may be forced to innovate and in desperate times art is cathartic and will flourish.

By golly, I’ve got it!!!  That’s how the other cities do it!!  Crap public transport systems force people to develop innovative and creative mindsets.  If how you normally get to where you go disappears, you got to think on your feet, move fast and figure it out.  In the midst of all that frustration sets in, you may even get a little depressed and we all know depression fuels the need to express.  Viola!!  That’s how culture is developed.

It all makes sense now.  The conspiracy theorist in me has joined the dots.  The SMRT breakdowns are a part of a bigger plan.  Singapore – a first world country, we are on our way.

Trust no one.



If my friend didn’t think of going to watch Battleship, I probably wouldn’t have.  I was a little curious to see how they could translate a board game into a movie but if they can do it with a theme park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, why not a board game?  So I was going to catch it the next time I was on a plane or when it eventually goes on TV but I ended up watching it on IMAX.

I had fun and that was the kind of movie it was 🙂

I would have had more fun if it was a Michael Bay movie.  No offence to Peter Berg but he has an eye for drama that isn’t necessary for a movie like this.    My take – decent enough effects, no proper story, one has to seriously suspend belief, not enough action scenes but well done on bringing the board game play into the movie.  It’s not something that needs to be seen in IMAX or more than once though.

A Dear John Letter

Dear Samsung Galaxy Ace,

It’s been about 6 months since we came into each other’s lives.  It was more of an arranged marriage rather than a giddy whirlwind romance.  I must admit, initially I was intrigued and wanted to see how we could work in each other lives.

Unfortunately, after 6 months I’m more sure than ever that it was a wrong match.  You don’t response well to my touch, my voice seems to send you into all the wrong directions and sometimes you go off without any provocation from me.  It’s clearly not working out.

So I’m leaving you for an ex, my reliable 3GS.  He served me well and in fact, even with the somewhat sexier 4S, I still have a soft spot for 3GS.  You can call me a sentimental fool but yes, I’m going back to my 3GS who may not have your bells and whistles but I can trust him.  At the end of the day, that’s all a girl needs.

Good luck and goodbye.

Yours Sincerely,

The Hunger Games

I have to be very honest the premise of this movie did nothing for me.  I really don’t like the whole Gladiator, watch till someone dies type of entertainment.  Heck, I still don’t get boxing or competitive fighting as a sport :p but when my husband who rarely wants to go to the movies chooses to watch it, I’m more than happy to go along.

I was pleasantly surprised.  While the story was predictable, the theme of hope intrigued me a fair bit.  Also, I like stories that have strong female protagonists.  The thing I wasn’t sure about, was the strange love triangle but I completely understand, that’s how you sell tickets and rival Twilight.

In a nutshell, it was a good enough movie to pay $12 for it.  Visual effects were decent for such a film but not fantastic, enough to make me want to read the books.  Now everyone knows what is my next buy on my Kindle this weekend.


If I believed in past lives, I bet one of mine was that of an Indian.  I feel really comfortable in India.  That said, my Indian experience is a really sheltered one.  Especially with the new Indira Gandhi International Airport you would never think you’re in India!!

Then you walk by McDonalds and see a veg tikka burger!!  Only in India, will you find a vegetarian burger at a McDonalds 🙂  Great for me!!  ‘Cept I don’t make a stop at McDonalds.  Hell no, in India I’m going to get my fill on the different rotis and curries.  I actually didn’t feel I did enough of that.  I’m still craving for aloo paranthas.  Anyone who knows where I can get good ones in Singapore?

I was warned about the Dehli Belly but I’m happy to report there was none of that with me 🙂  I think it’s because we didn’t stay long in Delhi.  My husband, on the other hand, probably did :p  He was ok in Delhi but by the time we got to Chandigarh, his tummy wasn’t too happy that it was in India.

It took him all of about 24hours to get over the bug.  All in all just enough time to enjoy the rest of the break in India.  Though the days were warm, the nights were pleasantly cool.  I truly feel rested and recharged but the next time I come back to India, I want it to be the October/November time.

Till then, dhanyavad India!!!