ETA May 14, 2014

Nature gives you 9months to get use to an idea of a whole new human being taking over your life.  Come May, Zurich will find out what happens when and an Aulin and a Tan gets together 🙂  My cousin is going to become a Mummy!!

That’s her and me circa 1978.  She would be about 4 and me, 3.  Cousins are your first friends and she’s definitely mine.  Though we don’t remember, we apparently even shared time in a crib together.  She’s the perennial big sister to us all, she has 2 younger brothers and 9 younger cousins and now she’s going to be a Mummy!!

That’s my new niece or nephew who is due May 14, 2014, which happens to be my cousin’s birthday too!!  How’s that for a present from God 🙂  with 2 nephews and 2 nieces, I’ll be happy either way when we find out if she’s a she or a he.  Something tells me it’s a her.  We’ll find out in a couple of weeks if her favourite aunt is right 😉  Yes, I get dips on favourite aunt!!

I do wish my cousin lived closer though but with us living in the 21st century, geographical distances are a lot shorter than they were before.  So little Aulin, you may be living in Zurich but you’ll get lots of visits from Singapore and you’ll always have a hot humid home here too!!  Can’t wait to meet you little one in 6 months time *MWACKS*

‘Tis the Season

The Christmas decorations are out and everywhere I go carols are playing 🙂  I love Christmas, not only because as a Catholic it’s an important religious holiday but because Christmas has become synonymous with the spirit of giving and love.  Everyone feels a little kinder around this time of the year.  Maybe it’s all in my head but I’ll take what I get, enjoy it all before this year is over and 2014 beckons :p

I chanced upon this ad which is about a friendship between hare and a bear at Christmas.  In reality, the bear may have had the hare for brunch but it’s the Christmas season!!

It may be make believe but I love how the imagination of creators bring to life situations that make me feel all warm and fuzzy.  I especially love how old technology and new technology is used to make this ad possible.  With computer graphics making everything possible, we sometimes forget how an old school ‘handmade’ background enables a tactile feel to the look.  It’s such subtleties that draws me in and see more than just an ad.

May this Christmas season be filled with everything you imagine made possible!!