W Sentosa Cove, Singapore

The W opens its doors on our shore.  I’ve only been to the W in Bali and heard about the other Ws elsewhere.  So I’m no expert when it comes to W hotels but I enjoyed the chance to check the one in Singapore out.

I’m pretty much a simple girl with simple enough needs so in my humble opinion, the W in Singapore is a tad over designed.  There are a couple of cute quirks but I can’t find myself paying the rack rate for a staycation.  If you can, it’s a lovely spot to pretend you’ve left Singapore.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s the company that makes or breaks a place.  The W was extra special for me because of the company 🙂


Post Bali

I’m back in the thick of things at work but my muscles are still aching for the amazing massages I had in Bali 🙂  Suffice to say the Tan Cousin getaway was a success!!  With all things Tan, there were things that didn’t quite meet our expectations but the company is all we needed to have a great break and enjoy celebrations.

In my family there are 12 cousins, 6 boys and 6 girls.  1 lives in Zurich, 4 in Perth and the 7 in Singapore.  With our other halves, this generation has grown to 18.  So 8 out of 18 made it for our inaugural Cousin Getaway.  With 3 still under the age of 18, I say that’s a pretty good turn out 🙂  Maybe when I’m in my 70s, we’ll be able to do a complete 24 Cousin Getaway.

Meanwhile, in Bali we basically hung out,got massages, ate, hung out some more.  It’s been a while since we hung out like that and it’s nice to know, we enjoy each other’s company enough to be locked up in a villa altogether.  I do take that for granted some times – the fact that I get along with my cousins.  Sure, we have our disagreements and we aren’t all crazy about each other idiosyncrasies but we’re proud of each other’s accomplishments and can genuinely be happy hanging out with each other.  That doesn’t happen often.

Life can get complicated some times but I have it good most of the time.  We’re planning to make this trip an annual one and now we’re thinking about next year.  Some say Phuket, another is enticing us to make a ski trip to Zurich.  Some are thinking of going back to Perth, which is kinda like home for most of us.  Wherever we decide, I’m sure we’ll have fun 🙂

This Weekend

I am looking forward to this weekend.  Bali, here we come!!  It’s a family trip of sorts.  Just the cousins 🙂  No children or parents :p  Possibly our first trip together in a gang, not all 12 of us are going to be able to make it but with 3 under the age of 18, 5 out of 12 with some of our other halves ain’t that bad.

It’ll be a weekend of doing nothing, celebrations and enjoying each other’s company.  3 nights and nearly 3 days, just enough before villa fever can set in and we go all zombie on each other 🙂

Stay tune for the updates, pics and maybe a video or two.


My Nephew Rocks

It’s exactly one month before my nephew turns 9 years old.  I still remember going to the hospital to see him.  He was such a cute little baby 🙂  As a soon-to-be 9-year-old, he inspires his 37-year-old aunt to keep widening her horizon, because just a week ago he got on a wake board and surprised us all.  So this post is specially for him.

Dearest Gabriel,

Life will get scary and there’ll always be things we aren’t sure about or know how to do but we keep trying.  Sometimes we’re going to succeed and other times we fail.  In both, we’ll learn.  We won’t always get it right but we can try getting better at it.

Just like with your wake boarding 🙂  It may be your thing and you could possibly go pro.  Or you may lose interest after a couple more rides.  Either way the important thing is you tried.

Best of all we have fun trying!!

We are all proud of you for being able to stand on your board your first ride out but more than that, we’re so very proud that you went out of your comfort zone and tried something new.  Remember, success or failure with whatever you try in life, you’ll always have us behind you!!

Love you lots.
Coco Carlene