Happy Halloween

Nothing in this world is perfect and sometimes things don’t go our way … if you read Dilbert, work can sometimes be the least inspiring place but with my friends at work.  I have to say, it’s a good place to go to on a daily basis 🙂  So from me and my friends from the office:-


You know the people you go to work with are cool when you want to see them on the weekends too!!  And thank you, Shu who brought a smile to all of us with his little creation to spread the Halloween cheer 🙂  He probably doesn’t realise this but just by the very way he carries himself, he’s taught me the rest of the world can be dead, we don’t have to be 😉  Thank you, Shu!!

Trick or treat!!

Why We Get Angry

I get angry quick, very quickly.  At the same time, I cool down fairly quickly.  Actually, that’s all relative, it depends on who you ask, my husband may disagree :p but by and large, in my humble opinion, I don’t stay angry for long.

The thing about me and anger … I don’t like it … I d.o. n.o.t. like being angry.  It makes me irrational and that, I completely do not appreciate. So in the past few years, I’ve been trying to work on my anger but in the past couple of weeks, I’ve learnt that anger is an important emotion.  It is necessary and I should learn not to stop the anger but hone it.

Without it, I’m indifferent and have an immense ability to be ever so slightly delusional.  When I’m that way, I don’t care and when you don’t care, you don’t move either way.  Forward or backward.  You don’t move.  Inertia.

Anger, I’ve come to the slow realisation … it moves you … it may be backward but in my 30something years, I’m hoping to leverage my anger to move me forward.  That’s this week’s life lesson 🙂  While other people are the ones who spark it off, more often it’s over something really small and insignificant, I’m usually angry, not with others but with myself :p  It’s taken me this long to realise that.  When I’m angry, it’s because I’ve allowed someone to disrespect me even if they never intended too, especially when they never intended to.  I get angry because there are things in my control and I didn’t.  When things aren’t in control, you don’t get angry, you get frustrated.  There is a fine line between anger and frustration.  The latter fuels the inertia and right now, I’m pissed off O_0

So it’s to infinity and beyond!!!

Besides it’s the weekend, what’s there to be angry about 🙂


A couple of months back I did a post about Friday Kicks, you should have seen the smile that came across my face when I looked under the desk at yet another long meeting this morning 🙂

This time our kicks gave way to pumps 🙂 Looks like they are enjoying another conversation about what they want to do this weekend!!

When I’m CEO

Beneath my seemingly unambitious exterior, there are times I lie in my bed and want to take over the world.  Mwahahahahahahahah!!  That super villian world domination ambition happens occasionally 😉 Most nights though, it’s just thoughts of becoming the boss I dream of having.  Here’s a reminder in case I get corrupt with power and turn into one of those I cannot respect:-

  1. Pay people what they’re worth, not what you can get away with. What you lose in expense you gain back several-fold in performance.
  2. Take the time to share your experiences and insights. Labels like mentor and coach are overused. Let’s be specific here. Employees learn from those generous enough to share their experiences and insights. They don’t need a best friend or a shoulder to cry on.
  3. Tell it to employees straight, even when it’s bad news. To me, the single most important thing any boss can do is to man up and tell it to people straight. No BS, no sugarcoating, especially when it’s bad news or corrective feedback.
  4. Manage up … effectively. Good bosses keep management off employee’s backs. Most people don’t get this, but the most important aspect of that is giving management what they need to do their jobs. That’s what keeps management away.
  5. Take the heat and share the praise. It takes courage to take the heat and humility to share the praise. That comes naturally to great bosses; the rest of us have to pick it up as we go.
  6. Delegate responsibility, not tasks. Every boss delegates, but the crappy ones think that means dumping tasks they hate on workers, i.e. s**t rolls downhill. Good bosses delegate responsibility and hold people accountable. That’s fulfilling and fosters professional growth.
  7. Encourage employees to hone their natural abilities and challenge them to overcome their issues. That’s called getting people to perform at their best.
  8. Build team spirit. As we learned before, great groups outperform great individuals. And great leaders build great teams.
  9. Treat employees the way they deserve to be treated. You always hear people say they deserve respect and to be treated as equals. Well, some may not want to hear this, but a) respect must be earned, and b) most workers are not their boss’s equals.
  10. Inspire your people. All the above motivate people, but few bosses have the ability to truly inspire their employees. How? By sharing their passion for the business. By knowing just what to say and do at just the right time to take the edge off or turn a tough situation around. Genuine anecdotes help a lot. So does a good sense of humor.

So to all my friends and love ones, when I become a boss and there’s an inkling that I forgot this list, please please please send this post back to me.


We’re back in one piece!!  And it’s been back to the grind since we got back to the office :p  So like I always do, some reminiscing is in order.  Though there was hardly any down time, the few moments we managed to catch here and there made this trip memorable.  I must say, traveling with Daryl, Shimin and Li Ling are perks of dreaded work trips 🙂

Other than the Monday, which was gloom gloom gloom, the sun came out for the other days and we managed to enjoy the weather as we walked to and fro the Palais.

Yes, this was the gorgeous gorgeous weather that greeted us from Day 2 onwards and it lasted all the way to the day we left 🙂  Most of the day, we were running from stand to stand within the Palais for meetings.  I did manage to find a 15minute pocket to enjoy my French fruit tart by the beach and was reminded that Cannes is a sweet spot when you can enjoy it.

Unusually, the water was choppy and there was a visible surf in Cannes.  Besides only one other year, I think it was 2004, the Mediterranean sea is always calm.

Back to inside the Palais, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Hamm of Mad Man fame were in Cannes for MIPCOM too but for me here’s my favourite celebrity sighting.

That’s B1 from Bananas in Pyjamas!!  B2 was right behind him.  For everyone, there’s going to be a new animated Bananas in Pyjamas in 2011 🙂  I’m not sure if I should admit this but my heart actually skipped a beat when he looked straight at me and waved :p  I wasn’t sure why either.  Bananas in Pyjamas isn’t one of my favourite pre school series but I remember living in Perth, eating my breakfast cereal and watching B1 and B2.  So seeing them in the flesh brought back the warm fuzzy feeling of a carefree varsity lifestyle :p

I can’t quite believe I’ve been working for like 12years now.  Well, 12 years down … errr … hopefully, not much more to go 🙂  Meanwhile, as much as I wasn’t looking forward to yet another work trip to Cannes, it had just enough moments to make it a memorable one.  In case I forget, here’s a reminder of the great solo times I get to reflect and appreciate the moment  I’m in.

Being in a plane affords you a time to think and that’s where I usually do most of mine … when I’m not sleeping anyway.  Yes, some decisions have been made on this trip and let’s see what the rest of 2010 has in store for me.  I have a hunch 2011 is going to be a time for change.  How big, I’m not sure.  I reckon turning 36 seems like a good time for it anyway 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!!



Today is a pretty special day, we’ll have to wait for another century for this to happen.  That’s why there are quite a bit of people getting married today!!  For the Tan household, it’s an even more special day coz it’s my Mummy’s birthday too!!!  Do all these couples know how to pick the right date or what 🙂

Happy Birthday my darling Mummy!!!

I’ve always known I’d be no where without my Mother but I never realised her impact on me as my most important feminine role model till I was an adult.  She grew up with a shorter end of the stick and showed me that whatever challenges life throws at you, you can overcome anything and I do mean A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  Of course, she constantly reminds me that without God I’d truly be no where :p  If you ask me though, God gave me my Mummy so that I keep learning from her and better yet, with her love and support overcome all the challenges that life has been and will continue to throw at me 🙂

Talk about being born with the longer end of the stick 😉

2010 MIPCOM Day 1

I forgot how exhausting these markets were and it’s only Day 1.  Unlike yesterday, which was a GLORIOUS GLORIOUS day, today was gloom gloom gloom.  The blue sky was covered with clouds, clouds and more clouds.

That’s the view from my window when I work up this morning, which made me want to just crawl into bed. I didn’t come close to doing that though :p  I woke up, got ready and went for breakfast …

A breakfast that I thought would be casual and easy with friends but we bumped into some industry partners and it became a working breakfast :p  Then it was off to the booth and the day of meetings started.

By the time dinner came, I was completely knackered.  These back to back meetings running around the aisles of the trade show, having your A game on the whole time can really zap you out.  So as we gather into our favourite pizza place in Cannes, it took me like a whole half hour to unwind from the flurry of the day.

Good food and good company is what makes coming back to Cannes for the 15th time worth it 🙂  Company who is willing to ham it up for the camera makes me even think I can do this again and maybe a 16th time won’t be that bad.

Yes, I’m that tired and my brain isn’t altogether … so like yesterday, I’m going to go to bed as soon as I hit ‘publish’.

Goodnight y’all!!