All of 5 Years Old

Nope, I’m not talking of my niece, Mabes nor my Goddaughter, Nicole nor my little friend, Aira. ¬†Though all three of them were born in the year of this blog, which makes me a blogger who turns 5 today ūüôā ¬†I say this every year, I never thought this blog would have lasted this long but it has.

In tribute to the 5 years, here’s a look at 5 posts, one from each year that represents a time in my life that has contributed to the person I’m slowly growing into.

It’s interesting to see how far this blog has come along and honestly, I didn’t think I’d last a week. ¬†

It was a GREAT day for a wedding and funny how a simple picture is all I need to remember the most subtle and special moments of the day.  It was taken just before my sister, my maid of honour and I got into her car to go to the church.

Me, me and more me. ¬†Sometimes I forget that I’m¬†narcissistic¬†that’s why this blog has lasted as long as she has. ¬†This post reminds me ūüôā¬†¬† We certainly have evolved since that post and I’ve included a couple of very personal thoughts on some issues since then and that’s why I’m appreciating this blog more too. ¬†When I need to reflect on my life that is so readily shared to the world, I go through the different posts and remember parts of me that I’ve forgotten.

From 2009,¬†¬†because before that I hardly wore sunnies and now I’m very rarely without one. ¬†That work trip changed a lot of things for me too, made me realise a lot of things about myself and the people I work with and for. ¬†For better or worse, it worked in my favour … even though it didn’t seem like it at that point in time ūüôā 2010 was a roller coaster for me and this little girl pretty much stole my heart.  My little Goddaughter, Rachael kept it all real for me and why I try harder.

That’s all for today. ¬†Thank you for coming by and keeping this blog alive. ¬†I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have writing :*

Fare Ye’ Well Dear Telly

Needless to say, I get attached to things, people and situations. ¬†I’m a true romantic who does get very sentimental. ¬†It isn’t the trait I wear on my sleeve but one that I am now more comfortable with as I’ve gotten older. ¬†So when our dear TV, Telly who has served us well in the last 20 years (yes, read ’em and weep, 20 whole years) decided that she’s off to TV heaven where the angels need to watch TV too, I was undeniably sad. ¬†Took me a while to find her replacement and when I did, I couldn’t help but feel she’s got big shoes to fill. ¬†Like they say, they just don’t build them like they use to.

Telly came into our lives when projection TV was the in thing. ¬†So Telly 2 or T2 as I like to call her, is the LED/HD rage, nope, she isn’t a Smart TV with internet capabilities. ¬†I reckon that we all have laptops, smart phones as it already is … I’m old school that way, I just want to watch TV on my TV. ¬†So here’s T2 and let’s see if she manages to break dear ole’ Telly’s record. ¬†I’ll have an update in 2031 ūüôā

Meanwhile, we’ll miss you Telly and thank you for the years of wonderful TV watching. ¬†The living room truly isn’t the same without you.

P/S: Watching T2 makes me feel like I’ve gone for lasik :p ¬†Is TV watching suppose to be this clear? ¬†Poor Telly, we did work her way over her due date.

Season 23: Survivor South Pacific

I would win this game if I decided to play it.

Survivor is like life but really it isn’t. ¬†39 days and a million dollars. ¬†That is not life. ¬†Life is way more than just 39 days and it isn’t about how much money you make, it’s¬†about¬†how you live your life, the experiences you share and the journeys that make you who you are at the end of the road.

Survivor is just 39 days and all about winning a million dollars.

Sure, you could play survivor for the experience then please don’t complain when players get ruthless. ¬†They ARE playing a game.

Which brings me back to the fact, if I ever decide to play this game. ¬†I’m going to be all Russell and play for the win but hopefully with a little more charm so that people still vote for me in the end. ¬†It’s a crazy balance, which is what I LOVE about the show. ¬†Can people actually balance that? Can I actually do it? ¬†I’d like to think that’s where my theatre degree can help. ¬†Is it possible to play a part for 24 hours everyday for 39 days and not crack? ¬†Hell yah, if I had all my creature comforts but with the camping and battling challenges, I’d have to say I’m not sure.

So yes, if you asked me today, nope, I can’t play survivor. ¬†If the day ever came that I can say yes, I’m going in to seriously play the game. ¬†I’d create a whole role who’s main objective is to be liked and win a million dollars. ¬†Honestly, you can’t really do that without some level of deceit. ¬†Even my ultimate survivor Yul, couldn’t play the game without being completely honest. ¬†Real life isn’t a game. ¬†Well to me at least.

For now, it’s back to real life where I try my darnest at treating people how I would like to be treated. ¬†Doing that in Survivor, I’d probably be the 4th person voted out of the island ūüôā ¬†Here’s me living vicariously through Season 23.


I LOVE doing laundry and I’m borderline psycho about it. ¬†How nutty, you ask?

I’m so particular about it that even my amazing¬†squeaky¬†clean Mummy doesn’t do it right by me. ¬†Truth be told, she’s too clean. ¬†I don’t use hot water for all my wash, just some. ¬†Most people just separate¬†between colours and whites. ¬†I separate by colours and then by type of wear. ¬†Just to name a few categories like T-shirts are different from shirts or skirts and pants or dresses or pjs or underwear. ¬†Doesn’t mean I’m¬†obsessively¬†clean, if I were I’d be just like my Mummy ūüôā I’m just bugged by order that make sense to me and not to most other people. ¬†That’s the nutty part. ¬†I also don’t like to wash too many articles at any one time. ¬†Simply because I like to space my laundry out well when they dry. ¬†And my favourite part folding clean laundry ūüôā

from 2 different loads

So I’ve been relishing the fact that I have the washing machine all to myself to wash my laundry just how I like it. ¬†Yes, I agree it isn’t normal but I’m not a psychopath yet. ¬†When my family have lovingly helped with my laundry, I don’t go all ballistic although I feel like I might :p I say thank you and think of ways to hide my dirty laundry.

Fur Nieces and Then Some

My cousin has kids and I have nieces and nephews. ¬†My sister has fur kids and therefore I have fur nieces ūüôā ¬†While part of me thinks animals should roam freely, the other part knows there’s nothing like the exuberance of a dog when you come home or how a kitty curls up to you that makes all your problems seem inane.

Since my husband and I have agreed to a no pet policy in the Tan-MacLaughlan household, I live vicariously through my sister and Jen who are proud humans to Wagsy and Moxie.

My sister headed off to Perth to visit our parents and Wagsy is over for her ‘boot camp’. ¬†Yes, I’m the no nonsense human who does not tolerate accidents :p ¬†Maybe it is a good thing we have a no pet policy at the moment.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the next couple of days with Wags!!

And out of nowhere, back to a more regular programming of human babies, here’s the latest picture of my little-est Goddaughter, Natalie. ¬†She’ll be 6 months in a couple of weeks and feeding all the baby needs I have now ūüôā

You can’t tell me that gorgeous smile doesn’t melt your heart!! ¬†Can’t wait to cuddle her ūüôā