My Teo Goddaughters

After my baby niece Rachael, I have 2 other goddaughters.  The Teo sisters – Nicole and Natalie.  While Daddy Jason has been a Catholic, Mummy Sue only started going for RCIA in 2011 and with that they decided that their princesses should learn all about Catholicism.  So when they asked if I could be the girls’ Godma, what else is there to say but yes 🙂

I have to say when it come to Goddaughters, I’m really blessed and hopefully when they grow up, they’ll feel the same way too.

Today, 13th November 2013, they’ve been Catholics for 2 years now.  As they grow, I hope they realise that the church and God are not the same thing.  While Pope Francis is giving Pope John Paul a run for his money as my favourite head of church, I’m old enough to know that the church sometime can make mistakes but God never does.

Dear Nicole and Natalie,

This page will be a collection of notes from me to the both of you about what I’ve learnt about being a girl, being a Catholic and just simply trying to be a kind human motivated by love.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, some of these lessons have been taught to me by the both of you 🙂  The one I truly appreciate is being able to love those who are completely not related to you.  By blood, there’s nothing that connects us but by love I know I’ll protect the both of you … don’t tell your parents … I’ll also occasionally stand up against them for the both of you too 🙂  Don’t get any funny ideas though, I totally believe in tough love.  I truly can’t wait for our lives together!!

Meanwhile, happy 2 year baptism birthday!!

Now I need a more updated picture with the both of you.  One from 2013 preferably 🙂

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