100 things About Me

Had a friend ask me once if I could list a 100 things about me, so I thought I’d try.  Mostly, it’s a tribute to Jules who loves making lists and is living life in Japan back home in Singapore now 🙂

  1. I love to laugh.
  2. I believe that everyone is born good.
  3. Apples are truly my favourite fruit.
  4. Torrential thunderstorms make me fuzzy and warm inside.
  5. I collect books.
  6. And enjoy reading them.
  7. I reckon children are proof that God exists.
  8. Even the very naughty ones 🙂
  9. I’m grateful that Singapore is such an easy city to live in.
  10. I want to visit India and China before I die. wonder why India and China fascinates and scares me at the same time.
  11. I love puppies.
  12. I love kittens.
  13. I love calfs.
  14. I love piglets.
  15. I love babies … heck, I love baby anything.
  16. I love animals, especially dolphins, elephants and horses.
  17. But I’m cautious about the feathered kind of animals.
  18. Penguins don’t count as they are too cute to boot so I like.
  19. I think lilies are pretty.
  20. But gerberas are my favourite kind of flowers.
  21. Mooncakes are yummy yummy, I like.
  22. I am a hopeful optimist.
  23. There is nothing like steaming hot curry on cold rainy day.
  24. Wise old people inspire me and I enjoy being around them.
  25. I love the sound of spontaneous laughter.
  26. I love Frida Kahlo
  27. Salvador Dali
  28. Klimt
  29. But I don’t paint or draw.
  30. I do, however take photographs and am kinda addicted to Instagram @carlenetan
  31. One day I hope to design an installation piece that only exists in my head right now.
  32. I haven’t read a poet I’ve completed detested.
  33. But I adore Plath.
  34. Neruda
  35. Dickinson
  36. Yeats
  37. Rumi
  38. Kees
  39. I have some vague desire to publish my own poetry.
  40. And maybe my short stories too.
  41. One day, I hope to direct my own feature film.
  42. And if I’m feeling really brave, it’ll be an animated one.
  43. I’m blessed with an incredible family.
  44. Wonderful wonderful friends.
  45. One special guy who is as perfect as it gets.
  46. I’m a Catholic who meditates.
  47. I chose to be vegetarian who is trying to be vegan.
  48. I’m learning to ALWAYS be grateful.
  49. I believe in perfect moments.
  50. And sometimes I get lucky enough to catch it on film or in words.
  51. I believe what goes around comes around.
  52. I recycle.
  53. I eat organic whenever possible.
  54. I love the theatre.
  55. Sugar is my secret indulgence 🙂
  56. But I know it’s not good for me 😛
  57. As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted 5 kids.
  58. 3 boys and 2 girls would be perfect.
  59. I started to enjoy being in my own skin when I turned 30.
  60. I’m hoping the 30s are going to be as enlightening as my 20s. 40s are empowering as my 30s
  61. The ocean calms me.
  62. I love being out in nature.
  63. I also relish the buzz of being in a city.
  64. Sounds and smells are the best trigger to my memories.
  65. It takes very little to move me.
  66. But I don’t cry in front of other people … at least I try not to.
  67. I love innocent crushes.
  68. I fear expectations.
  69. My imagination is somewhat funny, mostly whimsical and always crazy.
  70. My favourite colour is a deep aqua marine type of turquoise.
  71. I adore the work of Miyazaki.
  72. Pixar comes a close second for me.
  73. I could lie in a park reading all day.
  74. Even if it was raining.
  75. Especially when its raining.
  76. I love warm sunny days where I can wear summer dresses.
  77. Somedays I dream I’m a dolphin so I can swim all day.
  78. I believe in love.
  79. Compassion is a great virtue I’m trying to develop.
  80. I could do a big ostentatious wedding.
  81. But I rather a simple and warm one which I had 🙂
  82. My favourite sunset view is off Mullaloo Beach, Perth.
  83. I miss working in theatre.
  84. One day, I hope to go back into it.
  85. That or run my very own animation studio.
  86. Hmmm … a kindy school would be nice too.
  87. Even an organic vegetarian restaurant with a bookstore, I could do too.
  88. I love walking in the rain.
  89. I especially love the feel of the morning sun on my face.
  90. I miss being in school.
  91. So I hope to go back one day, just need to decide what to study … for now I’m thinking early childhood education nursing psychology .
  92. Repeated patterns intrigue me.
  93. So I like strips.
  94. And polka dots.
  95. Especially on pretty flowy dresses.
  96. I would have loved being a 20 something in the 1920s.
  97. I truly wish for world peace.
  98. I have a tendency to not be able to stop talking.
  99. But a night sky filled with stars has an ability to silence me.
  100. Evidently I get bored enough to entertain myself making a list about me or updating the said list.

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