Day 13 of 16

Never thought I’d come this far, my aunt told me she’s pretty amazed I could be this disciplined … well, it’s easy, having a weak immune system that couldn’t fight the simplest virus is motivation enough to make sure this little pet parasite makes his way to parasite heaven where he belongs 🙂  So it was brown rice puffs for breakfast.  Lunch is a favourite of mine when I’m not on this diet.  So it’s steamed eggplant, broccoli and carrots, lightly stir fried with pasta without sun dried tomatoes though :p

Still yummy enough to get me through another day of no sugar and no soy sauce.  Can’t wait to make it again with sun dried tomatoes O_0

Dinner was an experiment that I probably won’t try again :p  It wasn’t bad bad, it was just strange … it was a mix of spices I don’t normally do for bee hoon but I thought what the heck.  It was alright but not good enough.

Thankfully, my sister found this snack rice crackers that is pretty yummy.  It’s simply rice crackers, cayenne pepper and sea salt.  So that kinda tied me over a somewhat failed dinner 🙂  3 more days!!!