Happy Halloween 2012

I never grew up with Halloween but now it is now an annual event for my munchkins 🙂  This year they got into costume together with Jonah and Nicole, bounced on air filled castles, had an early dinner, ran along the river and even spent a good 10minutes just shooting the breeze.

They’ve been friends for about 3 years.  Jonah and Nicole are now big brother to baby Sam and big sister to baby Natalie, respectively.  Rachael is no longer a baby.  They play hard and fight hard too because that’s what friends do 🙂

For me, I treasure these times when they get together.  As they grow, these moments will become few and far between.  I’ll still catch up with their parents but the kids will slowly develop their own lives and have their own friends they would rather hang out with.  Even if they end up hanging out with each other, they wouldn’t want us pottering around 😛

It’s safe to say, I have another 5 years or so before they all ignore me completely.  Till then, here’s hoping Halloween 2012 is filled with shocking surprises to last you till 2013!!

Bali in October

It wasn’t so long ago I was in Bali  and it’s slowly starting to feel like I can live there.  This time though, I hung out in Ubud instead of my usual Seminyak.  The verdict, I like Ubud especially the food and the lower cost of living but I miss being so far away from the beach.  So Seminyak is where I’ll stick with in Bali.

The great news about Ubud is  that if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll be very happy.  My must tries are Bali Buddha, Down to Earth and Ja Juice Cafe.  Great soups, breakfasts, sandwiches and VEGAN desserts 🙂  To top it all off, they deliver!!  I could live in Ubud and never have to cook 🙂

Alas, I live in Singapore and it’s back to the grind for me.  Few restaurants provide dairy free desserts or wheat free meals but I can’t complain about our efficiency.  On my flight back, the plane landed, I got off, cleared immigration, collected my luggage and was in the seat of my cab in less than 20mins 🙂 In Bali, it took me 45mins to just get to my belt to collect my luggage :p

The life lesson here, we can’t get everything we want in one place and that’s why God created holidays and quick getaways!!


10 Years

My cousins celebrated their 10th anniversary today!!  The first among us to get hitched and the first to be parents too … actually the two of them are the only parents so far :p  I still remember when they first met 16 years ago in Perth.

Through the years, I’ve seen them learn from each other, compromise, support, love and become stronger individuals to build a family.  My cousin, the usually man of very few words even shows how he’s grown in the past 10 years 🙂

To Gary, who’s more a brother than a cousin and that makes Michelle a sister-in-law rather than cousin-in-law 🙂  Happy 10th Anniversary!!  May the next 10 be filled with more wonderful memories.  Love you both to bits MWACKS

30th September

It came and went without any fanfare.  Why should there be?  My blog would have turned six.  The fact that I forgot about it as oppose to previous years when I planned for it.  Does that mean we’re seeing the end of my blog?

I’m not quite sure.

Some days I have a lot to say.  Some days I simply don’t.  The last couple of weeks have been fickle on the writing front.  Uninspired.  Spent.  Maybe it’s just a little bit of not enough sleep.  I never write when I’m sleep deprived, which is how I feel right now :p So I’m off to bed and will post about being trigger happy on social media in the next couple of days.

Thank you for always dropping by though.