Surprises and Mondays

I do like surprises, good unexpected things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I chanced upon this video recently that did exactly that.

It isn’t always that you get a fairly young seemingly doofus type Hollywood character dishing out sound advice.  I now know Chris Ashton Kutcher’s parents did well by him and why despite what looks like a crazy life in Hollywood, he seems to be doing alright.  Maybe not having an entitled childhood help, no matter, it isn’t easy keeping it real in the real world much less in Hollywood so kudos to him for trying his darn-est to be better.

While he was directing his advice to teens, it’s a good reminder for the rest of us, the real old folks.  As we get older, we forget that opportunity truly comes disguised as work usually very hard work.  The being sexy part is so true and does become clearer when you get older, you realise how some people draw you to them by the sheer fact that they have big hearts and minds and not a six pack or a plunging neck line.  Lastly, yes yes yes, we fill our lives with so many moments that distract us and merely live that we’ve forgotten that we can build the lives we want.  It isn’t easy but like he said opportunity is hard work and that’s what I have this Monday morning, yet another opportunity to build the life I want 🙂  Now where’s that construction helmet of mine? *humming Bob The Builder theme song in my head*

Being a 30 Something

I said it before, I love getting older and the 30s with all it’s ups and downs (some pretty heavy downs too) I love love love it.  It’s about becoming more aware, growing a soul and generally hopefully becoming a better version of my crazy and spontaneous 20something self.  So when I read what Anton Casey, all of 39 years old, did online, I’m like WTF!!  Seriously, dude, you deserve everything you’re getting because at 39 years old, you have no excuses.  None at all.  What in the world were you thinking when you posted this on social media?

Sure, I can see how someone can quietly crack a joke like that in the privacy of their own bedrooms on their 2500 thread count Egyptian cotton bedsheets and think it’s remotely funny but on Social Media?!?!  And ok, I can also see this being done by a reckless teenager who grew up never having spent time with their parents, not ever lifting a finger and having other people pick up their crap.  But a 39 year old father?

Like my Dad always says, “In time, the laws of the universe teaches us all what we need to learn.”  It’s a pretty painful lesson to learn at 39 years old but oh so, necessary if his thoughtless post is any representation of who he really is.  In my household, it’s called growing pains and better to learn at 39 than not at all, I say 🙂

Another reminder to me that anyone can read this blog and while it exists mostly for me to remember who I was and how I think at a point of time, I’m hoping it also helps create a habit to be responsible about how I think and what I say or write.  It is about a journey of growing up.  My journey of wearing out my skin, getting it to a point where it’s so comfortable, my ego doesn’t exist and when the time comes for it to give way, I’m happy with how I lived but this is a public platform and so I shouldn’t write every thoughtless thing that comes into my head because yes, every once in a while my mind shocks me too with some of the poppycock that pops up.  That’s why being in your 30s is cooler than being in your 20s.  You can call out your own BS, you know better and that some jokes shouldn’t even be whispered out loud.

Wonder what turning 39 this year will reveal and maybe the 40s could be a decade even better than my 30s?  One can hope 🙂

In the meantime, happy last weekend of the Snake year!!

Why I don’t Hate Skyler White?

Yes, I’ve finally finished watching Breaking Bad.  It is now one of my favourite TV series but before I decide with series to bump off my top 10 list, I’m trying to understand why everyone hates Skyler White so much?  I actually get her, her anger and how she had to dig deep, her frustrations with her husband’s runaway ego and having to make sacrifices for her family.  That’s what Mothers do.  Not wives, nope, wives don’t do that, just the Mums.  I’m not Mum yet but I have an amazing one and surrounded with so many other great ones who would struggle the same way to keep everything together for their kids.

That said, I totally get Walt too. SPOILER ALERT!!  Stop reading if you haven’t watched the series.  I loved how Walt transformed, understood his motivations and loved that he had to face the consequences of making the decisions he thought was best for his family.  I loved how he thought money would be what his family needs and the last season saw him and his barrel of millions trapped in a lonely cabin on the mountains.  I think it happens to the best and worst of us, in our pursuit to provide for our families, we often forget that our families would rather give up all the material things for quality time spent together.

As a TV series, Breaking Bad is pretty much up there with The West Wing for me.  I love the script, the way the characters developed, the actors’ impeccable performance and most of all, I loved how the creators wrapped it up.  Fulfilling and believable.  I can’t wait for my next Breaking Bad marathon.  In the meantime, tonight I’m going to catch up on The Walking Dead.  3 more episodes and I’d be all ready for the the return of Season 4.  All I have to say right now is that I’m more scared of people than I am of zombies :p


I can’t believe my last post was 2 months ago and from LAST YEAR!!  The end of year came and took me by surprise … well, actually not that big of a surprise, I did expect its coming but the speed of which it came and went … that surprised me.  I’m still a little shell shocked that I finished Christmas shopping, put together a last minute proposal for a client, celebrated family birthdays, solved a missing payment at work, enjoyed the season celebrations, made a bid for a new client, learned how to cook popiah, worked some more and ushered the New Year zombie style with my family quicker than you can say Happy New Year.  A whole bunch of milestones all rolled into 2 happy busy months.

Now it’s 2014 and *drumroll* on to real milestones.

My 4 year old Goddaughter got her ears pierced!!  She didn’t cry and only said that it was “a little bit pain”.  Needless to say I’m very proud of her.  I was a wee lass of 3 years old when my own ears got pierced and the very clear memory of burning pain pulsating through my ears still sends shivers down my spine.  So when little girls want and eventually get their ears pierced, I have nothing but respect for them.

My little Rachie is growing up quick.  It’s 2014 and she wants earrings … I have a feeling come 2024, it’ll be tattoos.  Part of me is missing the baby she no longer is but I’m looking forward to the new shared experience of getting older that I already share with her brother and sister.  I love how they develop their own opinions.  How very similar or very different they can view the world from me.  How from them, I relearn and am inspired to try harder and be better.  I think that’s why God puts kids in our lives 🙂

Here’s to a 2014 filled with reasons to try harder and be better 🙂