I Feel Lucky

On Sunday morning, I was on the way to meet my boss when I got into a minor collision on the road.  It could have been worse and I don’t know why but I can’t shake off a feeling that something was meant to happen.  So when it turned out to be kinda a bender fender with someone who was stand up enough to admit it was his fault – running a give way intersection, I can’t help but feel like I’ve got someone looking out for me 🙂

If I could afford it, I’ll always buy continental cars.  He was a little beat up but other than that, he braked well, it could have been worse if he didn’t and he held up better than the other car.  He’s in the hospital now for the week when I’m away in Perth visiting my parents.  I did say someone is looking out for me.

Here’s a week filled with minor hiccups that remind us someone IS looking out for us.

Lao Jiu The Musical

Lao Jiu The Musical is part of a Kuo Pao Kun retrospective.  It isn’t exactly the same as the original play I saw way back in the 90s but it is a thoroughly enjoyable reinterpretation of it.

As my friend Erv pointed out, it’s like Brave without the Disney ending.  Yes, it is.  A son, specifically the youngest son after 8 daughters in a Chinese family, longs to be a puppeteer but his family’s dreams and aspirations weigh heavy on him as the only son to become a scholar and look after them.  To a certain extend it is about the choices life affords us and what we do with them reveals the salt in each of us.  To me, it is more about the idea of happiness and the concept of parenting.

In my late 30s, I understand the pursuit of happiness eludes us all.  More importantly, I understand that happiness is a state of mind and different people derive it differently.  We all have dreams.  Some of us get to do it and realise we still aren’t happy O.o  Some of us don’t and realise dreams change.  I guess it’s the pursuit of it that matters, how we go about conjuring these dreams, planning to make them real and trying.  Which leads me to the concept of parenting.

I won’t be the first to admit that I gave my parents a hard time.  Not in the naughty, up to nonsense kind of way but a I-think-I-have-dreams-bigger-than-I-can-imagine type of way.  I also always thought I knew better … actually I’m still like that :p

My parents though, they adapted well.  They knew that trying to control my thoughts would probably not end well.  Parenting.  It is a thankless vocation and I’m grateful that till today my parents do their best trying to parent me.  They have no expectations of me fulfilling their dreams, they just love me and support me in trying to figure out how to keep conjuring dreams.  More importantly, they’ve showed me that life isn’t easy all the time but when we have to make hard choices, it is how we go about making those choices that reveals who we truly are.

I’m all inspired to write a new play now 🙂  Maybe even vision it as a musical.

Anyway, before I distract you further, if you’re in Singapore till Sunday, July 29 with nothing to do, catch Lao Jiu The Musical.  It isn’t perfect, nothing ever is but you’ll enjoy yourself.  The cast sings wonderfully against a story that everyone can relate to.  At the end, you’re left wondering a little which to me, is the best kind of artistry.

Hooked on Riding

Last weekend, I went out riding with a couple of friends who were trying it for the first time.  Suffice to say, they had fun 🙂  Wake boarding has  way with people.  Pulling you in till you think about it a lot more than you think about much else.  So here I am on a Tuesday night wondering if I could squeeze in a ride tomorrow morning before work.

This coming from someone who isn’t even doing simple stunts.  Yep, I go out and am quite happy just feeling the wind in my hair, smelling the sea breeze and being out of the water.  For now that seems more than enough for me.  My sister has warned me though.  She says I’ll get bored and sooner or later I’ll want to try something more.  I just may get adventurous one day and forget I’m going to be 40 in a couple of years time.  Or maybe that’s exactly why I’ll do a jump :p  40 is just a couple of years away and this may be the only chance I get to do it 🙂

Hmmm … maybe I could call Jim for the last ride of the day instead.  It’ll give me more time on the water.

Meanwhile, hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday.  2 days down, 3 more to go.


I love Disney but I love Pixar more and Disney is ruining Pixar for me 😦 Hmph!!

Over the weekend I watched Brave.  I was looking forward to it.  Unlike the usual Pixar library, the protagonist is a girl.  That should have been the first warning sign.  You know why?  Pixar doesn’t make films about princesses.  Disney does.

Honestly, this was a Disney movie that should have been called Mother Bear.  It was not a Pixar film.

Technically, Pixar is one of the more advance studios in the world but what is great about Pixar are their stories.  Brave was no example of their story telling prowess.  It’s a beautiful showcase of their ability to animate hair and wet hair at that!!  The story though … dismal, is all I can say.

It is one of Disney’s Princess movies.  Nothing wrong with that … ‘cept this was suppose to be a Pixar film.  So I was expecting the likes of Up, Monsters Inc, Wall-E, Toy Story … you know what I mean.  Anyway, the modern 21st century princess stories from Disney irritates me.  Why do these princesses all have to be such spoilt brats?  Also, I don’t know why the movie was called Brave.  There was nothing brave about the story at all.  It was essentially about a brat learning that you can’t always have what you want, if you try too hard you might lose your Mummy!!

So my 2cents about Brave, you can honestly give it a miss.  The beautiful way they could animate the hair wasn’t even worth it.  Wet hair bouncing isn’t quite the same as transforming robots.  I’m not giving up on Pixar just yet.

I really hope Disney keeps her talons off this one.

The Amazing Spider-man

If I ever have a son and he’s as adorable as Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker, it’ll be game over for me.  Yes, that smile too cute to yell at.  The mix of innocence and determination able to talk himself out of any situation.  I’ll be that Mama that I currently roll my eyes at :p

Had it not been for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, I don’t think this reboot would have worked for me.  The teenage love story is completely lost on me.  Maybe if I were 10, it’d do something for me but I watch a comic book superhero movie because I want some action, which in my opinion, wasn’t enough.  What action that was in the movie was good.  I enjoyed the fight between Spider-man and the Lizard … but I didn’t like the design of the lizard.  I appreciated that they tried to go comic book with the design but I think they forgot this is a live action action realm.  Here’s where I reckon Christopher Nolan with his Dark Knight series is so darn good.  That’s going to be another post altogether 🙂

Meanwhile, the Lizard, I think it’s because I personally like lizards but I really didn’t like the over the top dinosaur look.  The transformation intrigued me more and I would have preferred it if they had left some human elements in the design.

I didn’t go all cougar on Andrew in the movie because he rocks my boat in a I-want-a-son-as-cute-as-him kinda of way.  I was pleasantly surprise to find my teenage crush in the movie too!!  C. Thomas Howell plays a Dad whose son was saved by Spider-man 🙂  Doesn’t everyone remember The Outsiders, Soul Man and Secret Admirer?

While I always thought I could be a cougar, I’m not so sure anymore.  For sure, I can appreciate how hot a young nubile boy can look but I’ve come to realise, put them side by side, I rather the older Dad willing to sacrifice for his family over the superhero cutie.  It’s strange how priorities change when you get older.  In a parallel universe, if Hollywood made a movie about my overly successful life, C. Thomas Howell would play my fireman husband and Andrew Garfield my geek son who founded Facebook on his own 😉

Birthdays in July

There are a couple months in the year that is chock a block full of celebrations and one of them is July.  There isn’t a week in July that goes by where there isn’t a birthday wish to be made 🙂

Today is my niece, Mabel and my little friend Aira.  Yes, they were born on the same day  and today they turn 6!!  Happy Birthday sweeties!!  This is the last year your girls will be in Kindy and then it’s big girl territories from next year onwards.  I can’t stop saying this but you all keep growing too fast.

Over the weekend and in between my work schedule, the family got the July babies together and did dinner celebrations!!

Nothing like a simple dinner shared with family to make a birthday that much more special.  Love you all so much and here’s to more moments like these!!


It’s Glee for adults … actually if you ask me Glee isn’t meant for children but Smash is most definitely not for children, maybe not even for teens but it has the same fun singing element that I love love love about Glee.

Starring Debra Messing and Anjelica Huston (I like *clap clap*), it’s about the making-of a broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.  Talk about all my favourite elements all in one show!!  Now if I could work on a project like that, I could be as happy as when I watch the show.  It makes me miss theatre but also shows me that producing anything that looks fun is nothing but hard work.  It’s also the thing I realise I like doing – producing.  That just means I’m a tad of a masochist … if it isn’t hard work, challenging and some what painful, I’m not into it :p

From the outside, it’s strange and people can’t understand why.  Quite honestly, I don’t too.  What I do know is that when you’re part of something that takes hard work to put together, you appreciate it so much more when it gets done.  I’ve had a few opportunities where I got lucky enough and its kinda like a drug.  When you’ve tasted it, you just want to taste it again 🙂

Watching Smash is my way of vicariously living my dreams.  One day 🙂 Maybe one day, I’ll get to do it all and my post will be complaining for hard it all is :p


I have always fantasized about getting them but I never actually do.  Why?  I don’t enjoy pain and anything that requires pain usually gets stuffed to the bottom of my priority list.  In all honesty, I have issue with permanence.  Change I can handle and in fact, maybe even thrive a little on it but permanence … I’m not so sure.  It’s come from living long enough to know myself, what I like today, I may not like a couple of weeks from now.  Let alone a couple of years.

I always liked the idea of a bunny with my chinese name or my parents’s names or my children (if I ever have them).  I know it has to be something that is significant to who I am and what I want to be reminded of.  It has to be subtle too.  I’m a less is more type of design person.

Though I’ve never found a design I liked enough to permanently scar my body FOREVER, I’ve toyed with a couple and thanks to the people at PeTA here’s my favourite for now.

While I’m all for cruelty free, I’m not going to tattoo it on myself.  Just the bunny design 🙂  I’m also unsure about my Chinese name, 陈淑丽.  Some days I want to include it and other days I don’t.  Which font?  Vertical or horizontal?  If I had kids it’ll be their Chinese names for sure.  Seeing that there is no kids, I’m back to not being sure what exactly I want.  With my parents, do I get Daddy and Mummy or their names?  The former seems generic and the latter a tad rude.  Now, you get my conundrum that is called my mind :p

So I just going back to just thinking about it, fantasizing and wondering if “getting a tattoo” will ever find its way on my bucket list?


It’s been a couple of months since I started my Say NO to Multitasking campaign.  It has been productive here and there and it is true when my Popo told me I shouldn’t be watching TV and reading at the same time, I shouldn’t have.  You don’t actually do either very well.  I’ve learnt that multitasking is the great way I distract myself.  I think I’m being more efficient but really, I’m stuffing my state of mind with so many things that I don’t focus on what matters.

I multitask to procrastinate.

It’s terrible habit and one I’ve acquired as a young child.  That means changing it now is proving to be more difficult than I had hoped.  Every time I have to do something that is low on my personal priority list … usually because it’s boring or I have to be tough to someone else to get it done or it takes too much effort to do, I’ll do it while multitasking i.e. procrastination in action!!

Now that I am aware of why I multitask.  When I realise I’m multitasking, I assess the task at hand, one that I so don’t want to do.  Figure out why and break it down to smaller do-able bits.  Some days it’s good and I feel on top of the world and no one can stop me!!  Some days … are just Mondays and I want to scroll through pictures of my munchkins coz they make me smile 🙂

Doing that and proof reading really gets neither done effectively.  If you don’t tell anyone, here’s my plan – spend the next 15mins reliving the weekend and then the next hour and a half proof reading 🙂

Good luck for your week ahead!!

Fakie and Surface 180

It’s been 4 months since I first started to seriously wake board.  I’ve got my own board and a vest too!!  Both very wonderful hand-me-downs from Charles, my friend and Charlie, my sister 🙂  I hit the water about once a month.  That’s not a lot but enough to be pretty steady behind the boat.  I’ve tried going out on my heel side.  My toe side needs way more work and last week I did a fakie and surface 180.

A fakie is when you ride on your less dominant leg.  In my case I ride with my right leg forward so when I do a fakie, it’s my left leg that is forward.  Seems like such a simple thing but by golly, it feels very very weird like writing with your left hand if you’re right handed.  Whatever the case may be, I can do it now 🙂  Not perfect but I can stand!!

Thanks to the kind people on Youtube, here’s what a Surface 180 looks like:-

BTW, the video is of a six year old doing the “stunt”.  I’m not quite as smooth as him but I definitely crash as soon as I’m done with my 180, like he does in the video :p  Again, he’s only 6 and I’m not.

My sister and cousins are jumping and getting to be quite the pros.  It’s really fun to watch them and have their progress egg me on but seriously, I’m very happy just standing behind the boat and enjoying the view :p  Like with most things in my life, I’ll just take each ride as it comes along.

Take it from me though, if you want to learn how to wake board in Singapore, the guy to call is Jim Chua aka Jimboh.  He’s patient, attentive and knows exactly what you need from the water.  Couldn’t ask more more than that in a wake boarding instructor … and trust me, I’ve had ones I don’t want to think about anymore.

Next on my wake boarding list stunts, to hold on with one hand!!  Stay tune for my updates 🙂