New Moon

Sorry, Cherry, Gerie and Claire, I’ve caught New Moon today but we all know, my husband is going back home to Vancouver for a long 7weeks visit so I’m up for a screening with you guys too 🙂  Meanwhile, this is why I wanted to watch the movie:-

The visual effects of Jacob turning into a wolf was completely worth it and I’m a complete Team Werewolf now.  Yep yep yep, the vampire boy ain’t quite my thing, I’m an animal loving girl who is playing for Team Werewolf but we all already know who she ends up with in book4 … or do we?

Anyway, I can see why there are million of girls and women alike who are into this movie franchise.  A couple of cheesy lines aside, who can resist forbidden love.  We all know what’s it like to fall in love with someone you can’t have or at the very least fantasied about it.  Put that together with a love triangle.  Hell, it’s a timeless formula that has worked.   A completely sweet and handsome vampire on one side and a hot, very hot and equally sweet werewolf on the other.  I completely feel her pain.

That said, I don’t think I can watch this movie again.  So when my sister goes for it again with my husband who missed out on it today coz he was working at home, I’m hoping to catch The Invention of Lying.

Sundays in Perth

What do you do on a Sunday in Perth?  Visit the Fremantle Markets, of course.  Kinda like any market you visit in San Francisco or Melbourne or Cannes.

It was another day of simply perfect weather.  Made me realise what I miss about living in Perth, early summer days 🙂  Not much has changed in Freo (that’s Aussie slang for the suburb of Fremantle) except Fast Eddies is no longer there.  It’s like one of the very few 24hour joints in Perth.  So as students, it was a place we knew well and hung out often in.  Especially after late night editing sessions or rehearsals that over ran. Needless to say, there was a tinge of sadness when I walked pass where it normally was and found it no longer there.  Strangely, it made me wonder about the transient nature of the world.  Change … somehow it feels like it’s in the wind.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.

Anyway, where do you go for lunch in Freo?  Kailis for fish and chips 🙂  Yes, that’s where my family headed to today and yes, it’s a seafood place but if you’re a vegetarian, they’ve got a decent Greek salad, which was what I had 🙂  I was mostly on baby duty though.

That’s baby Rachel and me, she’s my little God daughter, which is the next best thing to being an actual Mum 🙂  but I’m not as good as a real Mum yet.  While I carried her, she seemed sleepy but didn’t fall asleep.  My Mum had her for like 5minutes and she was out cold 🙂  So I spent most of lunch with the toddlers.

In between feeding the seagulls and blowing bubbles, we watched tiny jellyfish in the water and talked about plans when we get back home to Singapore, parties to go to, visiting Fidget and this art place in Cluny Court and of course, Transformers, yes, my nephew is pretty much into them as much as I am.  So we babbled about Optimus and Bumblebee … I tried to tell him that my car is secretly Optimus but of course, he so smartly pointed I drove a regular sedan type car and not a truck :p

These are what memories are made off, simple moments that last a lifetime.  The two of them will probably never remember it but it’ll be one of my favourite moments that I share with them.

The Wedding

And the reason why Perth should be scared … very scared :p  Why?  Coz when you have the Tan clan in one place, there usually is a wild party or two, which was pretty much what happened today.  It was a beautiful day to get married too.  So when we left the house with 30mins for a 20mins route, we all felt good about arriving early with time to spare.

Murphy’s law had other plans though :p  We were caught in a jam, yes, on a Saturday morning, we were confused too.  What would you do if you were caught in a jam on a way to a wedding?  If you’re the Tan sisters, you get goofy in the car with your camera :p

Apparently, a truck managed to jack knife itself onto the freeway but when we passed the accident area, there was nothing to behold.  We were expecting a scene out of Transformers ala post Optimus/Megatron fight … or at least, I was but no, nope, there were a couple of semis nicely stalled on the side.  That was it.  That caused us to get to the church just in the nick of time, with not a second to spare :p

The church was old school, there aren’t many left like that in Singapore so I was soaking up the atmosphere.  Once the wedding mass was over, it was photo time before lunch.  Like I said the day was absolutely gorgeous.

That’s the view from the church’s main entrance.  The figures in the foreground are my cousins, Luke and Mark.  At 11 and 9 respectively, they are the youngest of our generation and straddle between us and the next.  There were lots of photos so here’s just a tidbit of the day.

There are 12 of us cousins altogether, 6 boys and 6 girls.  Here’s the Tan/Lam girls.  The thing about us, we’re so different yet are so similar at the same time.  There’s nothing I couldn’t count on these ladies for.

Most of us, in my family have spent or are spending some time in Perth but here’s the original Perth crew.  Way before Perth was invaded by the Tans, it was just the three of us.  My youngest uncle, my cousin, Gwen and me.  There were many coffees and cakes, movies, late night suppers that we shared.  With my uncle still living in Perth, my cousin in Zurich and me in Singapore, photos like this one is a rare sight 🙂

These are my boys 🙂  The motley crew of 6 boys that make up the other half of our 12.  The younger boys you met in the foreground of the earlier picture and the last one is the groom of the day.  Like the brothers, I never had, I love them to bits.

And of course, here’s a picture of the bride and groom.  To my dear cousin, Aaron and his beautiful bride, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  If you guys need any advice, don’t call me, call your Sar Chek and Sar Sim, my parents who after 35 years make being married look easy and fun.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji from Perth

Yes, I’m in Perth. Slept most of the way on the plane, woke up when they served breakfast, which I was strangely hungry for at 4am. When we arrived, we had expected our families to be there already, you know, with garlands, flowers, music playing and all that jazz :p we kinda forgot that it’s 6:30am in the morning for them and so it was a little tougher for them to get out of bed … actually we thought they’d be so excited about seeing us, they won’t be able to sleep :p but I guess not … …

Although, it was like dawn, the sun was already out and about 🙂  The sky was a glorious blue.  It didn’t take long before my parents arrived.  My cousin and her boyfriend though, still had to wait for my other cousin who had to drag himself out of bed, to come get them.  In total, 3 cars to pick up 5 adults with 9 pieces of luggage :p  In all fairness, not all of them belonged to the 5 on the flight.  With my other cousin around the corner, we left the happy couple with some alone time 🙂

Traffic was smooth and soon enough we found ourselves at my parents new home 🙂  It’s down south of the Swan River in Perth, a perfect little spot away from the city.  When I got out of the car in the garage, it was strangely comforting to see a calendar from the gas company in Singapore on the wall of my parents’ new garage.

So this is home in Perth 🙂  My parents only moved in about a month or so ago and I have to say, my Mummy is pretty amazing at putting it all together.

My favourite spot in the house has to be my bedroom 🙂

It’s really nice to know that if Singapore ever gets too crazy and suffocating, I can jump on a plane and after 4 over hours, find myself in a safe place 🙂  So we unpacked, had breakfast, brought my parents up to speed with our lives.  For me it was mostly my travels to LA and Bristol.  Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we checked out a nearby mall.  The weather was beautiful.

It just made my new sunnies come in more handy than ever.  I’m so glad it found me when it did in LA 🙂

After lunch, the Zzzz monster hit us hard.   I could barely keep my eyes open and fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillows.  When I woke up, it was dinner time!!  Between eating, I also caught up with my little nieces and nephew, whom I haven’t seen since my work trip that took nearly my entire month of November.

So that’s day1 in Perth.  With another 8 days more to go, I’m determined to not think about work and relax.  Here’s hoping your Hari Raya Haji went as well as mine 🙂  Happy weekend everyone!!

26th November 2009

Some mornings just have it in them and today was one such day.  The skies were blue, the traffic completely do-able and a pit stop for breakfast 🙂  It is a divine day.

It also helps that tonight I’ll be off for the whole of next week.  It will be the reunion of the decade in Perth.

Meanwhile, today I so don’t feel like being in the office … I wish I was spending the day at the beach … …

First Day Back in the Office

It looks like I brought home the traffic from the 405 in LA and the weather from Bristol.  Took me longer than usual to get to work but I got to work just fine anyway.

It’ll be a short week with the Hari Raya Haji holiday this Friday and I have even more things to look forward to 🙂  Perth!!  Yes, come this Thursday night my husband, my sister, one of my cousins, her boyfriend and me will be on SQ225 and heading to where we also call home, Perth 🙂  One of my other cousins, Aaron is getting married.  Yes, he’s a grown man but somewhere in my head, he’s that little 3 year old that tripped in his tricycle and broke his arm.  Needless to say, I’m excited 🙂

So I suspect the next update from me will be one from Perth coz till then I’ll be busy preparing for the Asian Television Forum, which happens next week and for the first time since 2000, I won’t be there.  So as Murphy’s Law would have it, now that I can’t be there, I kinda want to.  Life is strange that way, you want what you can’t have.

Gratitude.  Where is it when you need it most?

Anime Festival Asia

I’m back home and getting into the swing of things.  Am all ready for work tomorrow?  Not quite but strangely, I don’t feel like not going to work 🙂  Today though was a day filled with the usual Sunday stuff and the Anime Festival Asia.  It’s kinda like the Tokyo Anime Fair but way smaller.  It was Cosplay galore … kinda like Harajuku decided to wake up in Singapore.

I actually learnt how big Cosplay is in Singapore some 8 years ago, when an animator who I worked with was completely into it.  By day, she was a quiet animator who hardly made a peep.  By night, she could be a possibility of any manga character you can think off.

I will not criticize, lest I have my own children who find themselves enthralled with the world of cosplay :p  While I personally don’t enjoy the dressing up, I was completely enthralled with the potential of toy acquisition.

It didn’t take me long to set my eyes on what I wanted.

Having just returned from Aardman in Bristol and enjoying Mary and Max on the plane, I was excited about Domo Kun.  A little Japanese stop motion character.  No one quite knows where he is from or what he is but he sure is one cutie 🙂  So I decided a little Domo is what I’ll let myself have today.

And no sooner were we home, did he start creating havoc 🙂

Back in Singapore

After 3 weeks, I’m finally home 🙂  Once again, Changi Airport never ceases to impress me.  Immigration clearance is AMAZING in Singapore.  And my trusty red luggage was already on the belt when I got there.

I don’t know if it’s just me but the weather in Singapore is currently beautiful.  So I’m lapping it all up.  The flight home was alright.  It was on the A380 straight from London and I don’t know what all the hooting and hollering was about but it’s not my favourite plane.  The incline on the seat is like a mere 10degrees, sure the seat may be like an inch wider but when you’re on a plane for more than 12hours, you want your seat to incline more than just a smidgin.  Despite that, I did get a couple of hours of sleep but was watching movies mostly.

I’m going through a Transformers phase and on the way back from London, I watched Revenge of the Fallen yet again.  The soundtrack is pretty much stuck in my head and I’m toying with the idea of buying the CD this weekend.  Anyway, Optimus is so my robot right now, yes, I like them big and strong 🙂  I can’t be the only one who is turned on by the sounds of crashing metal, right?

Anyway on my trans Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean flights, I did watch other movies and manage to catch up them.

500 Days of Summer is a sweet yet somewhat realistic interpretation of love in the 21st century.  In my humble opinion anyway.  I’m not so sure that love has changed much through the passage of time, but this film pretty much covers what it’s like to fall in and out of love, only to fall in it again … in a world that can be quite cynical.  The casting was about perfect for me.  The story is simple and something I could curl up on a couch with a pint of ice cream to watch again.

Yes, I fought it for a bit and this was actually the last movie I saw on the plane.  No, it is not as good as the book … not by a stretch but it was decent.  I still think John Cusack would have been the perfect Henry but since I’m not a casting director in Hollywood, I have to take what I can get.  I like what the book made me ponder about for days, would the relationship be any easier if you knew you’d end up together?  I’m not sure the movie caught the same essence and for me, there’s a certain beauty about the unknown … anticipation, that’s totally my thing.

This was my favourite film from all the flights 🙂  There’s something about stop frame motion that is magical.  A simple story about friendship with an ending that is anything but cliche.  So yes, I would say everyone should watch this one.  If for nothing else, but to brought into a magical world of claymation.

Then I also caught a couple of reruns for me, Back to the Future, The Neverending Story, The Girl that Leapt Through Time which are films that I can watch over and over again 🙂

I did say I’m so glad to be home, right?

Final Day in the UK

I’m officially in love with Bristol 🙂  It’s my last day in this lovely town and the sun is out again!!  Maybe it’s just because it’s a city I’ve never been to, so everything is new, the people are great and the weather is sweet.  I guess, the planets are aligned for my trip here but I do miss home and am so looking forward to touching down in Changi.  If I had a Twitter account, it’d be about how I’m running off to my last meeting before heading off to Heathrow.

I don’t twit because 140 letters just ain’t enough for me :p and everyone should enjoy the sights I did today too.

The next post should be about my dinner in London with Shobs 🙂  I can’t wait.  Till then, happy Friday everyone!!

My New Sunnies

As promised, here’s a post about my new sunnies and how it found me.  I’m not one to be known to wear sunnies, usually it’s a hair accessory for me and not one to shade the sun out.  Why?  Simply because I haven’t been able to find one that doesn’t quite make me look like a bug and fit well at the same time.

Not until now at least and I didn’t even want it to begin with.  It kept finding itself to me, kinda like appearing everywhere I went and eventually I relented and tried it on.  Viola!!  A pair of sunnies that fit my somewhat wide face without making me look like an insect girl and it fits comfortably on too.

I’m no supermodel but it’s not bad, I say 🙂