Day 9 of 16

One more week to go, from today onwards I have lesser days to go than I have been on this diet 🙂 So today I decided to give myself a breakfast treat. The night before, I made soup stock from a different recipe!! It’s actually really simple and something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do but was always too L.A.Z.Y. :p So I’m please to report it was a success again!!

In the morning, I just heated it up with some cabbage and rice noodles aka bee hoon for a scrumptious bee hoon soup breakfast 🙂 Totally yummers … but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that it’d be even yummier had I been able to add a dash of soy sauce :p

For lunch, I decided to make another one of my favourite dishes from this diet – lightly stir fried rice with steam veggies. Needless to say, I was kept full for the day, enough to meet a friend for dinner, where he ate and I sipped on herbal tea :p

When I got home, I felt like having something soupy. So it was the soup stock again, this time with old cucumber and rice for a simple porridge 🙂

Simple and satisfying.