Revenge Of The Fallen

So yah, the story wasn’t great and yah, Megan Fox looks a little different but the visual effects was truly truly stunning.  So much so you believed that there ARE robots in disguise.  I left the cinema very tempted to check under my car for the Autobot logo >_<

Yes, I have a crush on Optimus Prime :p  I still have a soft spot for Bumblebee but Optimus is sexy … if you can say that about a robot.  I would love to meet the key animator/s for Optimus one day.  Meanwhile, I may even catch this on the big screen another time so that I can relish the effects again … and I can’t wait for the DVD so I can analyse the sequences frame by frame.  It was really that good.  I can’t quite seem to gush enough about it.  I dare say, I prefer it to the first one.  The scene where Bumblebee first appeared gave my goose bumps.  The fight between Optimus and Megatron … action porn at it’s very best.  It was all about the robots.

If you’re looking for a story line, no this movie isn’t quite for you … seriously though, talking robots, do you really need a story line? Some people may say yes and I guess, that’s why all the reviewers are dumping on the movie.  I say, get real, it’s robots in action, let’s not take it too seriously and enjoy the hard work of about 300 visual artists.

Anyone needs company to catch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen?