Day 2 of 16

So far it’s actually been good, I feel more energised and still not too munchie :p Breakfast for day 2 was still puffed millet. I’m still enjoying it and it keeps me filled so I’m not itching to find another alternative yet but will probably have to by day 4.

Lunch was a simple brown rice bee hoon stir fried 🙂 Carrots, cabbage and cai xin. Topped of with coriander, definitely one of my favourite herbs. Talk about a taste booster!!

Wasn’t too hungry at dinner so I thought I’d get adventurous again. So I steamed some radish, which was such pleasant surprise. Normally I never ever make make anything with radish but I can’t eat potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin, which were pretty much staple for me. So I thought I’d try radish and I’m happy to report, steamed, they are really tasty 🙂

Since I can’t use soy sauce, I’m really experimenting with spices. So cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger, garlic and onions were thrown together. I hoped for the best and it turned out pretty ok, I’m not sure if I got the proportions correct but good enough to motivate me to work on it more. I’ve also learnt a good tip, unlike soy sauce, only salt your food when it’s about ready. Apparently, salt can make cooking things longer, especially veggies and legumes.

Day 2 ended pleasantly with brown rice and lentils, a perfect source of protein, topped with veggies and fresh coriander again.

2 good days down 14 more to go!!