My Godson and Me

May 16, 2013 I was blessed enough to be a Godma again 🙂  Today May 16, 2014 I’m starting this page for him to look back on and remember some of the moments we’ve shared as well as other moments that has touched me.  Similar to how his cousin and godsister, I’m sure he’ll teach me to value the important things that I sometimes forget.

october 2013 (1)

Dearest Buddy Christian,

To start us off is a picture from last year, our first date 🙂  Your Mama, Kongkong and Mummy were busy and your Daddy was out of town.  So we hung out, sang songs, took selfies and my favourite thing in the world – spending time with you.  We’ve had a few dates since then and nope, I don’t always remember to take photos … yah, I forget with Rachael too :p  You’ll have to start reminding me soon.  Meantime, I’ll try to keep remembering

november 2013 (2)

january 2014 (3)

april 2014 (4)

It’s been an amazing year watching you grow.  You’re such a sweet kind soul.  Some may think how does she know, you’re just a baby.  Well, they just have to hang out with you, they will get to see your temperament and agree with me.

So here’s you in a nutshell for now.  You love moving images and songs, Elmo is one of your favourite but you growing an eclectic taste.  For some reason Ernie makes you laugh but I like him too, especially with his rubber ducky so I don’t mind watching all of it on repeat with you.  Hi 5 is coming onto that list too.  One day, I’m pretty sure we’ll be hanging out at a concert.  You’ve started walking a couple of weeks before today.  I haven’t heard but your Mummy says you say E quite well 🙂  You are growing fast and thank you for sharing that with me.  Here’s to more photos and memories little one.

Happy 1st Birthday *MWACKS*


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