Organic Farming

Over the weekend, my husband and I checked out an organic farm in JB.  It was actually really close about 30minutes from the causeway.  While it isn’t Banyan Tree, it had a rustic charm about it, enough to know that there’s some place close I can go to for my farming fix 🙂

That’s the farm house we stayed in.  Bunk beds and shared bathrooms isn’t for everyone but I loved the fact that it was clean, very clean.  The thing I love about farms is how your prespective on grocery changes.

Do you know it takes 9months to grow 1 pineapple and each plant only bares 1 fruit?!?!?!  I can’t imagine the Dole pineapple orchard.  From left to right, it’s a dragonfruit flower, which will give way to the fruit eventually.  The said pineapple that takes 9months to grow and organic lady’s finger, a personal favourite of mine.  The thing about fresh lady’s finger, it’s sweet and no slime.  The slime starts to build up once you pluck it off the plant.  What’s a farm without animals, right?

The cows are reared to eat the grass and have their poop use for fertilizer!!  How’s that for being sustainable?  The ducks were so cute, it seemed like they were all connected by the same soul.  They all turned in the same direction at the same time.  The other natural grass cutters were the goats who are so domesticated that they actually walked up to us for pats.

Here’s a sunset of the lovely weekend where I was reminded what quiet truly is 🙂