Pasta in Tomato Sauce

I never thought tomato sauce could taste so amazing but after 16 days of NO tomatoes.  The first  pasta with tomato sauce was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

My first bite was an explosion of tastes.  So much so I wasn’t quite sure what hit me and before I knew it, I had finished the whole plate.  As I sat back in my chair, I started thinking about how absence makes the heart grow fonder and it couldn’t be more true with this diet.  That got me thinking, how easy it is to take the very simple things in life for granted.  Like tomatoes, how your other half wakes up first so you get to sleep in an extra 15minutes, how your sibling bought your favourite dessert without asking, how your parents paid your latest phone bill because they were on the way to pay theirs, how your friend picks up the tab because you saving for a new home, how your colleague covered a meeting because your boss is overloading you … the very simplest often goes unnoticed.

A life’s lesson from a plate of pasta and tomato sauce.

I’ll have to remember to say thank you for the simple miracles in my day … even if it’s just in my head 🙂

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