Bali in a nutshell

I can’t gush enough about Bali. I had such a GREAT time … doing nothing 😀 Ok, we did go on a tiny road trip on the second day, to Kintamani where the temperatures were much cooler because of the higher altitude. The view was pretty much covered by low hanging clouds but it was still lovely to sit in a cafe overlooking the valley of rice terraces. More than that the company made the trip memorable.

Danny and meChele and Zack

This was us on our first day there where we hung out at Ku De Ta and walked A LOT around Seminyak, trying to find a bikini for Chele 😛 If you’re in the area, Ku De Ta is a must … I can hear some people say it’s a little poser but it’s where you can get a great view of the beach and chill without being bothered.

Green tea and mintthe villamy view at KDT


From left to right, my ice green tea with mint that kept me cool as I acquired a nice tan. The middle pic is our 2 bedroom villa with our very own private pool where I swam in the minute we checked in 😀 And my glorious view from my deck chair at Ku De Ta. It was such a great chill out space that we went there again on our last morning in Bali 🙂

last day at KDTthe beach at KDTmy feet

Needless to say, I have a slight obsession with my feet 😛 as well as beaches and pools. For as long as I can remember, I generally adore all bodies of water and the humid hot weather while at a beach. Since I got all that while I was in Bali, I can report that I had a completely lovely time and am already planning to go back again. Now I just have to convince my husband a tropical beach holiday is as wonderful as camping out in a North American National Park 😉  I just may be able to tempt him with this … …

cows by the villa

When I leave my villa, this scene greets me … how adorable is that 🙂 grazing cows relaxing … in 10 years from now I don’t know where I’ll have to go to experience something like that … …

Back from Bali

It was a glorious break and I can’t wait to go back to Bali already. A simple holiday, no stress with people who can be completely relaxed with each other (very important on holidays), great food and fantastic weather. Will update more later … when I’m done with catching up on work but here’s the view of the sunset as our plane landed in the Denpasar.

Sunset in Bali

It was definitely a sign for how great the next couple of day 🙂

Off to Bali

I’ve been wanting to go to Bali FOR AGES!! And I haven’t been able to find the time or the opportunity to go … … so so so when Zacky nicely organised a trip, I was more than game and have been looking forward to it since last December 🙂 Can’t wait to veg, catch up on reading, sleep … hopefully get a nice tan along the way too 😉 I’ll be back Tuesday night so till then hope your weekend is going to be sweet too!!

what I'm hoping to catch

This was taken off the net when I was researching Bali, I can’t wait to take my own pics of the sunsets in Bali 🙂

People at work

By most standards, I’m a lucky chick and I’ve been able to find really cool people to work with. From my first theatre job to freelancing to Kinokuniya then working in production houses like Peach, moving into civil service with STB and now MDA, I’ve been real fortunate to get to know some good people, you know the salt of the earth type people.

Here’s just some of them, mainly the BD2 group that’s government speak for the second team of Business Development 😛 we’re the ones to go to if you’re interested in animation, games, location facilitation and services. Some of us are missing from the pic. It was taken at our Christmas party so a couple were away for holidays and some left the party to do real work :p


We’re pretty much split in half where the boys do the animation and games bits and the girls oversee the facilitation and services bits. Together though, they are a fun bunch of people to see on a daily basis 🙂 and although, Ervin and Gerald have said their farewells to MDA I don’t think I’m rid of them any time soon 😉

Office Gran, Aunt and Uncle

Last year, my dear partner-in-crime had her little angel a day before I got married 🙂 It was a special time for all of us and our friends came to my wedding before going to the hospital to check out the new addition, Little Jonah who has grown into this friendly and warm baby. It was a blast having him in the office for the party and I had a secret wish that Daph could bring him into the office everyday :p

With Little Jonah

What am I saying? I’ll never get any work done if this cutie is in the office everyday. One can still wish 🙂

What’s the people in your office like?

Shoba’s back

It’s been about 14months since all four of us were together so when Shob planned to come home for her birthday, she also thought it was a good idea to surprise Nis and Gen about her homecoming and I was local fixer to make it happen. I was all excited and for like 4 weeks I couldn’t say a word to both Gen and Nis. So early last week to make sure they turned up for the surprise I sms them with the following message:-

So we all set for tomorrow? I have something to tell you guys 🙂

Needless to say, I had replies from the both of them wondering if I was pregnant and even this from Nis:-

Tell me and I promise I won’t tell Gen 🙂

Well, I held out and good thing too coz that had them all excited about what I was going to say. I met Nis first who knew I was out of sorts and couldn’t put her finger on it, till she thought she saw a girl who looked like Shob walking towards us and I was competely nonchalant about it. In retrospect, I should have at least turned around 😛 but Nis was pleasantly surprised. 1 down and 1 more to go. We went to the quaint Cafe le Caire on Arab Street to wait for Gen who was completely confused as she looked out of the car but equally surprise 🙂 Mission accomplished and it was like Shob never left 🙂


So if you ever want some mint tea or hibiscus tea with a great mezze plate and a comfortable space that opens till late on week days, head down to Arab Street and Cafe le Caire is on the side closer to Beach Road. I can’t wait to go back there again.

Festive Seasons Are For Children

Just when you think you’re done with the Christmas celebrations, you realise it’s Chinese New Year!!! It’s the year of the Ox and apparently it’s suppose to be a more stable year for me a Rabbit, which is strange since the plans for me is one full of changes so maybe it’ll all not happen in the end 🙂 We’ll see what the year of the Ox holds for me.

Meanwhile, I’ve come to the conclusion to why people have children … it’s so the festive seasons are that much more fun 🙂 Over the last Christmas, I’ve come to realise that without the little people in my life, the festive seasons are that much less fun. Watching them open presents and let’s all admit it, they get the coolest stuff too. Who doesn’t want a baby doll that actually eats and poops? Or even the new lego set?

Imagine Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, any celebrations for that matter without children. It’ll just be the old fogies reminiscing about the good old times and pretending they’re really interested in each other 🙂

With that, Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone, may the year of the Ox be one filled with lots of children teaching us adults how to do it right 🙂

Blogs, Themes and Privacy

I was out with a couple of friends the other day and when one of them realised I’m maintaining a blog, he promptly asked what’s the theme of it? Well, if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll realise my theme is me. He didn’t quite agree that’s a theme and I know what he means but unlike other blogs, I don’t specially focus on food, kids, photography, cars, design, reviews … I kinda write about what I’m up to, what’s exciting me, what’s bothering me … so in essence it’s about me, me and me :p

MeMeAnd me

Then another friend asked why is it that I never write about my husband? Well, that’s because he has asked me not to. So I write of him in a third party kind of way when he is kinda involved in my story and he is referred to as ‘my husband’ and if you don’t know us, you won’t know his name. No posting of his pictures as well.

my husband

At least not ones that he’s recognizable in. He’s just not quite ready to have what I think of him all over on the world wide web. Even though, there is only about say 5 people who read this blog … all of whom know him :p but I respect his privacy nonetheless. With the other people in my life, I’m also sensitive to their privacy. After all, while I’m all ready to bare my soul for all to read, they may not be so unless they have public blogs of their own, I won’t refer to them by their names either.

Self-centered and narcissistic? Maybe, I don’t know actually … this blog is a little journal that’s constantly evolving as I am and the main reason for it, is to keep family and friends who don’t see me all the time, updated with my life. It is also a concerted effort on my part to not discuss volatile topics like politics, religion, senior management at work and such, despite my strong opinions on these things.

Mainly because this blog is for happy inspirational moments so that I can fulfill my life’s mission to be part of the world’s solutions rather than problems.

I’m not even sure if this post is necessary but I thought since it’s about me, it fits with the theme 🙂 So if there’s anything else you’d like to read about, leave me a comment coz if you know me, you’ll know I have an opinion about everything 😛


2008 is turning out to be a good year for watching movies. So far I haven’t seen anything that was a waste of time. Okayyyy, I’ve only seen 2 films for the year and it’s only mid January but film #3 is another one which I’d recommend to watch. It is none other than Atonement, starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy who I thought was very cute as the faun, Mr Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia. I especially have a soft spot for him because he kinda reminds me of my husband 😉

official poster

I read the book about 4 years ago and added Ian McEwan to my favourite authors list. He wrote beautifully about how a moment of childish jealousy and somewhat innocent display of revenge lead to consequences beyond the comprehension of a 13 year old. Little sister of the extremely wealthy Tallis family, Briony spends the rest of the life trying to atone for that one foolish mistake.

the book

The little girl was amazing as the lead and I read somewhere she may be up for an Oscar. Vanessa Redgrave played the very much older Briony in a killer end scene and between her and the young Saoirse Ronan, Briony Tallis was incredibly intriguing and completely believable.

the lead

As in all book adaptations, the movie wasn’t as detailed but it worked very well. The direction managed to capture the essentials of the book with audio and visual motifs that balance art with story. What would you do if your little sister was the reason you couldn’t be with the person you love? Cecilia decides to leave her family and works as a nurse through the second world war hoping that her love, Robbie will come back alive. If nothing else, Atonement is a love story that will make you grateful for your own.

First haircut of 2008

I was feeling adventurous but my usual stylist wasn’t so as we discussed the pros and cons of me chopping off my locks, I came to a realisation 2008 is not a year that I’ll see big changes in my life. At least on the hair front. Enough was chopped off for me to feel light headed, I even got some subtle highlights so that I won’t look too harsh.

New Haircut

All in all, not bad for the first cut of the year. Not a great picture of me but the hair looks good enough 😛 and I’m happy enough with the cut but as I left the Next, it got me thinking of a discussion I had with friends about going to our usual stylist. How after years of going to them, we develop a relationship where we don’t want to hurt their feelings and to a certain extend let them control what we want to do with our hair. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, The Barber where Jerry’s usual barber always gives him bad haircuts and he resorts to getting a new barber cut his hair in his apartment and having to avoiding his usual guy.

My story is that while I like what my usual stylists does to my hair, she can get a little boring and when she was on maternity, I actual found another stylist who does pretty hair and I don’t usually get pretty hair … I usually get standard hair. So when my usual stylist came back from maternity, I sneakily found out her off days and that’s the only day I go get my hair done now 🙂 And every now and then when I need standard, I go see my usual stylist again except now she’s not my usual any more 😛

Collecting versus playing

I’m 32 and yes, I play with toys. I think that’s partly why I enjoy shopping for my nephew, niece and little friends. While most other women my age wouldn’t be caught dead window shopping in Toys r Us or strolling flea markets for old toys, I actually enjoy toy shopping. I say most women, because I do actually have a couple of girl friends who collect toys too. That’s where I differ from the girl collectors (even the boy ones) I know because while I collect, I also have to play with them :p



I’m not the kind that leaves them in a box and hopes to re-sell it one day. No siree, as you can plainly tell from the pictures, I rip them out of the box and play with them 🙂 That’s what I like about being an adult. You get to buy the toys you want without having to ask someone else for it and you can play with it as you please, for as long as you like and not worry about bedtime, you just have to contend with sleepiness at work the next day.

Right now I’m in a Transformer phase … have been since the movie came out and a Bumblebee specific one at that. I started a plan to collect ALL the Bumblebees there are out there … so far I’ve bought 5 … and there’s like … another 20 more different types out there … so change in plan … I’m just buying the ones I like 🙂 which reminds me I was so distracted with Christmas shopping, I haven’t been toy shopping in a while. Anyone up for toy shopping?

Hang on, I just remembered I’m saving for trip to Tokyo 🙂 Yes, I haven’t had a holiday to a place I never been to in FOREVER but I’m planning to go to Tokyo this March … the ultimate Mecca for toy shopping 🙂 I’m sooooooooo excited!!!