Day 1 of 16

I’ve started on my super strict diet and am happy to report that day 1 has gone smoothly.  Breakfast is a simple combination of millet puffs (full of proteins) and rice milk (with no sugar).  Think this is going to be a staple for me.

Jord, that’s the rice milk with no sugar 🙂  Then lunch time came and I had to work a little harder on what to throw together.

Overnight rice and veggies, perfect for vegan fried rice … I realised salt isn’t quite like soya sauce, which is a staple seasoning for me.  I’ve learnt to be more daring with my pinches of salt.  This isn’t my best, there were some things I’d do differently but it was edible.

So with dinner I was more adventurous with herbs and spices.  Came up with a simple combination of steam veggies (eggplants, broccoli and carrots) with rice pasta, some oregano and garlic 🙂

Topped with fresh basil it was totally yummers 🙂  Can’t wait to make it again.

At the end of day one, I was a happy camper … I suspect, the sugar withdrawal will kick in on Thursday.  You’ve all been warned :p

5 thoughts on “Day 1 of 16

  1. wow it looks great!!! basil is so yummy ya…

    i feel so guilty for my junk food dinner last night now – had cream puffs, chips and chocolate. haha. shhhhh~

  2. hm, I haven’t eaten sambal belachan for 7 years :p got shrimps, so no sambal belachan for me but got sliced chilli 🙂

    kiapkiap, when you come back I make for you with extra basil 😉

  3. Can I be thick-skinned and ask u to cook extra for me? Sans the ‘forbidden’ foods on my list lah.. which u are allowed…

  4. Of course, can 🙂 Let me know what’s your forbidden list and I’ll prep something for you.

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