Collecting versus playing

I’m 32 and yes, I play with toys. I think that’s partly why I enjoy shopping for my nephew, niece and little friends. While most other women my age wouldn’t be caught dead window shopping in Toys r Us or strolling flea markets for old toys, I actually enjoy toy shopping. I say most women, because I do actually have a couple of girl friends who collect toys too. That’s where I differ from the girl collectors (even the boy ones) I know because while I collect, I also have to play with them :p



I’m not the kind that leaves them in a box and hopes to re-sell it one day. No siree, as you can plainly tell from the pictures, I rip them out of the box and play with them 🙂 That’s what I like about being an adult. You get to buy the toys you want without having to ask someone else for it and you can play with it as you please, for as long as you like and not worry about bedtime, you just have to contend with sleepiness at work the next day.

Right now I’m in a Transformer phase … have been since the movie came out and a Bumblebee specific one at that. I started a plan to collect ALL the Bumblebees there are out there … so far I’ve bought 5 … and there’s like … another 20 more different types out there … so change in plan … I’m just buying the ones I like 🙂 which reminds me I was so distracted with Christmas shopping, I haven’t been toy shopping in a while. Anyone up for toy shopping?

Hang on, I just remembered I’m saving for trip to Tokyo 🙂 Yes, I haven’t had a holiday to a place I never been to in FOREVER but I’m planning to go to Tokyo this March … the ultimate Mecca for toy shopping 🙂 I’m sooooooooo excited!!!

3 thoughts on “Collecting versus playing

  1. hm i have no idea where the TOYS are living other than at Kiddyland. must go and find out where the hardcore shops are in Akihabara. hehe.

  2. Yoyo, come join me in Japan and Ms Lixian, Ms Shuli can’t wait to go everywhere and anywhere in Tokyo 🙂

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