I’m a plant

It’s confirmed I think I’m plant. When I first started with my job I had inherited a cubicle from a friend, he being a boy left me a space that left much to be desired on the cleanliness front. To his displeasure, the aura from the soft-porn posters was quickly replaced with ones from my cute toys. Once I completely moved in, it was a sweet spot but I felt a little … under nourished all the time.

And I wasn’t quite sure why till my neighbour next door left the organisation too. Yes, I’ve had quite a number of friends who have left since I’ve joined … are they not telling me something? I digress. So she left and I’ve since inherited her cubicle. I had to do much less cleaning but more than that, I’ve realised I’m a plant and require quite a bit of sunlight to be productive.


The harsh fluorescent lights replaced by natural sunlight from a large window seems to motivate me to focus. I hope when the office makes its big move to a spanking new office in way-out-there Buona Vista, there’ll be windows too which brings me to another topic.

I have a friend who speaks Spanish, she tells me our Buona Vista is spelt wrong. It’s apparently beuna pronounced as it is spelt bue-na which means good and in the term beuna vista, it means beautiful view. So there’s no such word as buona which in Singapore is pronounced bor-naa. Now why I understand why she cringes every time we approach Bor-naa Vista MRT station.