First haircut of 2008

I was feeling adventurous but my usual stylist wasn’t so as we discussed the pros and cons of me chopping off my locks, I came to a realisation 2008 is not a year that I’ll see big changes in my life. At least on the hair front. Enough was chopped off for me to feel light headed, I even got some subtle highlights so that I won’t look too harsh.

New Haircut

All in all, not bad for the first cut of the year. Not a great picture of me but the hair looks good enough πŸ˜› and I’m happy enough with the cut but as I left the Next, it got me thinking of a discussion I had with friends about going to our usual stylist. How after years of going to them, we develop a relationship where we don’t want to hurt their feelings and to a certain extend let them control what we want to do with our hair. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, The Barber where Jerry’s usual barber always gives him bad haircuts and he resorts to getting a new barber cut his hair in his apartment and having to avoiding his usual guy.

My story is that while I like what my usual stylists does to my hair, she can get a little boring and when she was on maternity, I actual found another stylist who does pretty hair and I don’t usually get pretty hair … I usually get standard hair. So when my usual stylist came back from maternity, I sneakily found out her off days and that’s the only day I go get my hair done now πŸ™‚ And every now and then when I need standard, I go see my usual stylist again except now she’s not my usual any more πŸ˜›

4 thoughts on “First haircut of 2008

  1. I have a very good hairdresser. My one and only and I have been going to her for four years.

    Everytime i get a haircut,
    I’ll be reminded of that seinfeld ep.

    except she is the real deal and i’ll go “you have outdone yourself this time. This is the best haircut I have ever had”


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