People at work

By most standards, I’m a lucky chick and I’ve been able to find really cool people to work with. From my first theatre job to freelancing to Kinokuniya then working in production houses like Peach, moving into civil service with STB and now MDA, I’ve been real fortunate to get to know some good people, you know the salt of the earth type people.

Here’s just some of them, mainly the BD2 group that’s government speak for the second team of Business Development 😛 we’re the ones to go to if you’re interested in animation, games, location facilitation and services. Some of us are missing from the pic. It was taken at our Christmas party so a couple were away for holidays and some left the party to do real work :p


We’re pretty much split in half where the boys do the animation and games bits and the girls oversee the facilitation and services bits. Together though, they are a fun bunch of people to see on a daily basis 🙂 and although, Ervin and Gerald have said their farewells to MDA I don’t think I’m rid of them any time soon 😉

Office Gran, Aunt and Uncle

Last year, my dear partner-in-crime had her little angel a day before I got married 🙂 It was a special time for all of us and our friends came to my wedding before going to the hospital to check out the new addition, Little Jonah who has grown into this friendly and warm baby. It was a blast having him in the office for the party and I had a secret wish that Daph could bring him into the office everyday :p

With Little Jonah

What am I saying? I’ll never get any work done if this cutie is in the office everyday. One can still wish 🙂

What’s the people in your office like?