Pasta and salad

My husband is a freelance writer which means he isn’t paid on time, works from home and so usually does the cooking on weekdays. Come the weekends, I give him a break and if I can’t convince him to go out for meals, I’ll try and do a Martha Stewart or Nigella Lawson, depending on my mood – aunty or sexy. Over last weekend, he was working on a project and that usually means eating in.

I opened the fridge and wondered I could make. I took out some eggplants, red pepper, asparagus, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. Boiled some pasta. Cut up the veggies and let all the spirits of Nigella, Martha and all kitchen angels take over my hands.

I usually go with garlic and onions as my base but I was feeling adventurous and went with onion and ginger. Threw in some herbs, can’t remember which ones now and tamari sauce. So far so good, it was at least smelling yummy. Threw in the red pepper, asparagus and mushrooms. Read somewhere if you want a balance meal, just make sure you have fruits and veggies that are different in colours. So I was feeling real proud of myself when I finally threw in the pasta. While that was cooking, I tossed a side salad of spinach and cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar.

A complete meal in less than 30mins 🙂 The question now is can I do this everyday?  Maybe then I can tempt my husband to get a boring job :p