If you along Orchard Road and a little bored with the usual shopping, drop by Scotts Square and check out an exhibition by Kinetic Singapore.  It’s also a pop up store of sorts to get a miniature replica of yourself done.

3D scanning is all the rage nowadays but few have the ability to deliver the quality that I saw at the exhibition.  Ok ok ok, I may be a little bias because the organisers are dear friends.  That said, go check it out for yourself and I’m happy to be corrected.  Though my hunch is that you’ll agree that the likeness is better than most 3D scanners out there.

So it’s no surprise, my besties and I had a blast inspecting the miniatures, especially the Lims, which were my favourite.  I was so very tempted to get one of myself.  I can just imagine displaying mini me with my Ultimate Bumblebee.  In in the meantime, here’s my favourite picture from the day, regular us while we contemplate about getting mini us.

More Lunch Time Dates

Yes yes yes, my lunch time dates are working out nicely 🙂  Last week this time I caught up with little Miss Su.

She got a little tired at the end of lunch, which explains the picture of her bundled to her Mummy who was trying to put her down for a little nap.  She tried but rather go for a wander around the shop where she got acquainted with old school toys like a paper ball.  After all, we were after having lunch at Old School Delights.  They sell toys from days gone by and served good ‘ole goodies like Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Curry, Chicken Macaroni, Mee Siam.  So what did vegetarian me have?

The chef nicely did a vegetarian hor fun for me 🙂  For that, they get a thumbs up from me!!  It also tasted decent.  Lulu seemed to like her chicken macaroni, no eggs please with a couple of carrots from Auntie Cherry and me.  We also had the chendol that was sweetened with gula melaka so in our books it was pretty authentic.

Can’t wait till my next lunch time buddy is up for lunch again 🙂

I Still Don’t Want to Live in a Birdcage

I’m so so so amazed with this company Resource Furniture.  Truly transformers!!

Since my husband and I are planning for a 3 maybe 4 room flat, these furnitures (if we could actually afford them after the flat prices these days) would be so so so wonderful to have.

Yes, some days this is what I do when I daydream.  What our little apartment will look like?  I’ve always wanted a little apartment, maybe a apart of me always knew that the prices of homes will go up and I’m never one to be a slave to my house.

That said, I want one of those old 3 room flats where the rooms are decently sized.  Yes, transforming furniture aside, I’ve never been fond of birds and really, I’m not a fan of urban city real small apartment living just yet.

Siri Compatible

That’s me 🙂

This is yet another overdue post due to the lack in focus to blog, distraction from the very subject of this post and life in general.

On Oct 28, along with a couple of thousands of other people in Singapore I got aquatinted with SIRI.

It’s been three weeks now and all I have to say is that I love love love my iPhone 4S.  Bear in mind that I upgraded it from the iPhone 3GS so it is quite the improvement for me.  Siri?  Well … I’m not crazy about her and trust me, I have a hunch the feeling is mutal.  When I asked her if she loves me, she answered that she respects me O_o

I suspect we’ll grow on each other.  She seems to understand me more and my need to put on an accent lessens each day.

The iPhone is another example why I reckon Steve Jobs rocks.  It’s made both my parents download apps, play games, whatsapp … maybe they would have done it with an android (err … we all know where the android came from) but definitely not with the ease that they’ve taken to the iPhone.  The sci-fi world that I conjured up in my head, inspired by the TV, films and books that I was expose to as a child is slowly but surely becoming my reality.

I use to think that it was a shame I didn’t live during the industrial revolution where so many amazing technologies were achieved.  I take it all back, the digital revolution is mind blowing and I wouldn’t change for the world.  I’m right smack on the cusp of the non-digital and digital age.  Old enough to be able to understand and not take for granted the things that the younger generation deem as normal yet young enough for the concepts to be completely intuitive.

In my lifetime, I’ll be able to talk to my car, read or watch the news on the same device that may be as simple as a transparent sheet.  The world is changing and some days I forget how fast and how lucky I am to be a part of it all.

iPhone 5, I have my eye on you 😉

Help …

My name is Carlene and I’m a robo-holic.  After the trilogy on Saturday, I thought I’d get Transformers out of my system completely but no siree, I’m ready to admit I have a problem.

I came home and watched Transformers DVD with the commentary and am going through the special features.  I’m itching to get my Bumblebees out of storage, maybe even buying Optimus Prime Jet Fire or Sideswipe or Starscream and and and I’m now even thinking about model painting some of my spare Bumblebees.

I need a distraction now before I turn into a geek teenage boy :p

My Dream Transformer

It’s been all robots and fast cars for me lately.  I even dreamt about it in my sleep.  So I’ve been thinking what would it be like if my dream car the Nissan GTR was a Transformer … lo and behold, you can find everything on the world wide web.  Thanks to a cool animator out there, I actually got to see this:-

I just wished someone had showed this to Michael Bay when he was conceptualizing for TF3.  Oh well, there’s always the next one.

Meanwhile, this is for you, Zack!!  Maybe one day, you and I get ourselves one each 😉

Goddaughter Galore

When your own kids don’t work out just yet, you live for your nephews, which I have one great one, nieces, I’m so lucky to have two beautiful ones and goddaughters 🙂  As of today, 30th June 2011, I’ve been blessed with three.  My first one is my cute as a button niece, Rachael who in one of my previous post is growing up WAY too fast.

My other two goddaughters are a pair of sweet sweet sisters.  Things happen for a reason and that’s why I reckon I became good friends with their parents, it’s so that these two sweeties are my constant reminders that good things do happen to good people 🙂

This pair of sisters remind me of my sister and me.  As different as chalk and cheese but has the same essence.  I’m not sure if that makes any sense but anyone who knows my sister and me, will understand that.  Back to the sisters, the older one, Nicole is a perfect mate to hang out for a day.  I can take her shopping.  She’s a little tomboy like me and we actually have similar interest in toys and an unbridled desire for dramatics :p  Best bit about Nicole, I can have tea and chit chat the day away with her.  Yes, she and I have conversations where she surprises me about what goes on in her little 5 year old head.

Her baby sister is an angel sent from God.  She’s quiet, sweet and cuddles into my arms when she’s sleeping.  What more can you ask for in a precious Goddaughter?  Granted most of my time with her, she’s been fed and is sleeping and I’m looking forward to when she gets older.  For now, the smell of her head … HEAVENLY!!!  I can’t get enough of it … though her parents don’t get it … they say she smells like socks O_o  I don’t get that at all!!  I love love love the way she smells 🙂

I have a hunch now that I’ll only be bestowed with boys :p  which I can deal with.  Hey, at least they’ll have hot godsisters to protect and inherit all the toys I currently collect.  Yah, I don’t get it, I want girls but girl toys bore me a little.  A rather a Nerf gun to a magic wand any time … unless the magic wand actually works :p  Anyway, my poor nephew needs a couple of boys to hang around with.  So till then, it’s goddaughter galore for me 🙂

I’m An Autobot?

It’s actually been nearly 2 years since I declared I was going to do a stop motion project.  In truth, I’ve tried and wasn’t happy :p

So needless to say when there’s an app on the iPhone to assist in Stop Motion animation, I was on it … tell me there isn’t an app for EVERYTHING?!?!

It isn’t exactly what I saw in my head for my first project, it’s a quick and dirty one … 15minutes to shoot and another 20minutes to put the sounds to it but you get the idea 🙂  I’m all inspired now!!  Ask my friends in the office and they are about ready to tell me to SIT in a corner and play by myself because this is all I can think about for the last few days O_o

Hope your Friday has been as fun as mine 🙂

P/S: Happy Children’s Day!!

Toy Story 3

It’s nice to have good friends who think of you when they mess up on a cinema booking 😉  That way, my munchkins and I had a nice surprise of catching Toy Story 3 on Saturday morning.  Thank you, Uncle Jason!!

I completely enjoyed the film.  It was much better than Toy Story 2 and I can’t wait for the DVD!!  My munchkins, on the other, wasn’t quite as enamoured.  Their verdict – too scary :p I can see how through their eyes it can be quite scary … after all, dolls coming to life and abused ones at that doesn’t make for a relaxed bedtime.  For their Pixar crazed Aunt, she was thrilled to bits.  You can imagine her excitement when her other favourite Studio Ghibli character made a cameo.

Yes, in the left had side, that’s Totoro!!!  I actually nearly let a squeal out when I first saw him on screen.  Yes, two of the greatest animation characters on screen together in the same film, Totoro and Woody.  I can’t wait for my toys to come out of storage and put by side by side too 🙂  I digress.

Back the film, the story made the toys seem timeless with a plot that will touch the child in you.  So yes, enough action, drama and comedy for the whole family.  I loved it so much, I’m planning to watch it again :p

That’s my way of saying even if you ever played with toys and loved any one of them, you’ll enjoy this film 🙂