2nd January 2008

With the new year, I’m trying a new thing, that is to beat the crazy morning traffic and hopefully make it to the office before 8am … … ok, who am I kidding? I’ll aim for 8:15am which worked out well today as I pulled into the car park at 8:12am, got into my cubicle at 8:20am. So not bad for the first day.

I wasn’t quite so sure when I was first driving into the city though. I don’t know if it was the post holiday mood or what but I found myself stuck behind extremely slow drivers the whole drive in, one didn’t even realised the lights had turn green. Then I was forced to stop again at the same traffic light where I looked up into the sky and it came to me that it is after all a good day to start a brand new year …

day 2 of the new year

So I’m taking it all in, enjoying the day and the start of 2008. Did you have a good start too?