Lust, Caution

If there was a perfect film to start the year, this would be the film. I’ve always loved Mr Lee Ang from his Wedding Banquet days and I still remember how much he blew me away with Ice Storm but he’s really outdid himself with Lust, Caution. The minute the lights came up, I wanted them to dim it and start the film again.

This is the king of subtle yet powerful storytelling without the typical hollywood manipulation. I cannot gush enough about the film and how every aspect of it worked so well together … ok, I’m not so sure about Wang Lee Hom but the rest of it worked so beautifully that I wasn’t too bothered by his acting or lack of. The cinematography was excellent, the use of music was sparing (compared to how we’re constantly bombarded with it nowadays) yet so very effective.

Tony Leung was good as he always is. The rest of the supporting cast was flawless to say the least but the question is, where did Mr Lee find this gem of a leading lady, Tang Wei? Her first film and she carried it like how her experienced supporting lady, Joan Chen would have.  She is one to keep an eye on.

I was talking to a friend and he said that you can always an expect a mature film from Lee Ang and that’s like a breath of fresh air in today’s movie clutter filled with stuff made for the average teenage boy. I couldn’t agree more. So with a simple story, strong cast and crew, Lee Ang probably made the best film of 2007.

Thing is, I can’t figure out why every other review referred to it as an erotic thriller, maybe it was just me. Thriller, sure there are some aspects of it but how a woman losing her soul while going at it can be erotic is completely lost on me. This isn’t a film that fits into the cookie cutter genres that are out there today. Lust, Caution is just a film that moves you at so many levels that you can’t help but yearn for more when it ends.