I have a cool job

Yes, I’m saying it online for all to read 🙂 because my job had me having a meeting with The Jim Henson Company today. The Jim Henson Company, responsible for The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal and more recently, MirrorMask. Stuff I was completely enamoured with while I was growing up, so you can imagine the excitement that filled me when I walked into the office and saw the exact Skesksis puppet that was used in the filming of the Dark Crystal film. My job is cool like that coz’ with it, I get to meet a puppet, not just any puppet, puppets from Jim Henson’s projects!!!

With the recent visit to Ghibli and now Jim Henson, my soul can’t help but wonder if I’m going to keep helping other companies make their dreams come true or go find my own way and make my own dreams happen … … my only problem is trying to figure out which dream I want to make come true.

kermit looking out to la brea avefraggle rockthe jim henson's company

The Jim Henson’s Company is housed in the original office and sound stage that Charlie Chaplin built for the production of his own movies. As I sat in the lovely patio in the middle of the compound on a beautiful California day and waited for the lunch meeting to start, I couldn’t help but be pumped up by the very air that surrounds this quaint little place that puppets call home.

5 thoughts on “I have a cool job

  1. I’m dying of jealousy here!!!!

    I’ve always been a fan…since I was 4!!!! So that’s 30 yrs of Fan-ship and still no pilgrimage to his studios!!! Waaaaaaaaah…………

    *gone off to sulk*

  2. Gerie, the funny thing was that I thought of you when I was there 🙂

    Yes yes yes, Ervin, we are all grateful to you.

    Chele, I’ve been humming it to the annoyance of the husband at home :p That and yelling, “Piiiggggssss iiiiinnnnn sssspppppaaaaacccceeee!!” He reckons he’s married to a muppet :p

    JKS, I nearly forgot about Marjory … heehee … I like her too!!!

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