Indian Cuisine

Being vegetarian, Indian food is pretty much second nature … and I LURVE it!! Bring on the chapatti, thosai, bhatturas, chaats, dhal anytime. So yes, I’ve checked out most of the veggie places in Little India … needless to say some are better than others and my only advice is to avoid the area on Sundays 😛 but if you’re hunting for a simple veggie place, you should really try Ghaangothree along Hindoo Road in Little India.

eating love

How can you go wrong with a place that says its main ingredient is love 🙂 They have really good chaat. I love Dahi Pappadi Chaat and their Pav Bhaaji. Yummmmmmm!!!

pav bhaaji

It’s just a real easy place to have a simple and satisfying meal.  To the right, it’s the mushrooms, don’t forget to try them, they’re really quite yummy.  And what’s Indian cuisine without paneer?  That’s the dish on the left.  With some roti, it was too easy to over eat 🙂

veg and shrooms

Not the most healthy stuff but once in a while, I guess it’s ok 😉