Till Next Time, Tokyo

Before I head off to LA tomorrow, this is my last post about Tokyo and it’s been two weeks since I came home. I look through the pictures and it feels like a fantasy that didn’t seem to happen, a good fairytale that I want to reread over and over again. Like a friend said, it was my first time there and first times are always special … even eating very regular udon in a very tiny restaurant under the somewhat noisy railway tracks was romantic.

bits of tokyomore bitsanime bitsdog bitsmore tokyo bits

I don’t know if I would have enjoyed Tokyo so much, if the Sakuras were not blossoming and if Jules didn’t live there. We’ll find out the next time I’m there.

jules and me again

I once had someone tell me before that Singapore is a conundrum, I think Tokyo is the epitome of conundrum-ness. Two extreme of anything can co-exist in Tokyo, in fact, at some subtle level it’s encouraged. There are some things about Tokyo that left me dumbfounded though, like unrealistic pressures of society that make kids as young as 9, think about killing themselves … some actually did it. That was among the news while I was there … kept it all real for me … …

on the way to narita

My Dad’s right, it’s all about balance. Here’s my last shot from my bus on the way to Narita. Arigato, Tokyo!! Till next time, take good care of Jules and the sakuras!!!