Family in California

Most of my family live in Singapore, Australia and after I got married, I have family in Canada too. At one time and soon again, I’ll have a cousin in Switzerland, she was living in Geneva in 2004 and at the end of May, she’s going to show Zurich what we’re made off 🙂 And now I have family in California too!! One of my other cousins is living out here, Palo Alto to be exact. He’s at Stanford and doing an internship in Silicon Valley. Yeah, we have a couple on geniuses in our family but he’s one of the brightest 🙂 So I asked him to meet me in Santa Monica when I confirmed my trip for Locations 2008. He got a good deal with Southwest and came out to chill for a couple of days.

my cousin and me

That’s me and him on the day he arrived. I can’t believe when I went away to study in Western Australia, Perth he was a little eleven-year-old boy and now he’s gone away to study himself. So while I’m busy with work, he’s enjoying Santa Monica and … watching lectures online and finishing assignments … I guess that’s what you have to do when you go to Stanford. I can’t believe how going to school is so different from when I was in school, if you miss a class just catch up with a wedcast online … I can only imagine how different it would be when my own kids go to school :p When I was done with work, we went for dinner and I brought my cousin to my favourite place in Santa Monica, Real Food Daily. He quite enjoyed too 🙂

asparagus and cilantro soupmy cousin in rdfdessert

With Sunday free, this 33-year-old and her 25-year-old cousin decided to spend it at Disneyland, where we stood in queues that started as early as the carpark, ate bad burgers for lunch and had a completely great time catching up and sharing rides, which brought us back to our childhoods. We even bumped into a few of our favourite Disney characters 🙂

in linebad veggie burgerin the buzz ride

buzz, gerald and me

jack sparrow and me

In a nutshell, we had fun and even started talking about a family holiday … probably one to Perth or a visit to his sister when she moves to Zurich. Can’t wait!! Looks like I have more holidays to look forward to later this year 🙂 My husband still owes me a honeymoon too!!!

good times 1good times 02

P/S: If I had to chose one ride to do again, it’ll be the Indiana Jones one so if you’re heading down that way, that’s one not to miss 🙂 and my favourite land was Mickey’s Toontown, it just brought animation alive to me.