April Birthdays

April is an intense month for me when it comes to birthdays and although, they mostly come from different groups of friends, they are all so coincidently the dearest friends in the world. So I guess it means I get along well with Taurus people 😉

Anyway, before I left for LA we were planning a surprise do for Ms Chan and Ms Neo, one born on the 20th and the other 21st. It didn’t go too well i.e. they knew what was going to happen … well, Ms Chan did anyway … Ms Neo caught on as soon as she saw Zack’s car in the car park … so Resh, Zack and I realise we can’t do surprise dos and this will be the last attempt :p Here’s a picture of them patronising us.

surprised ms chan and ms neo

We kept it to a simple getaway at the Changi Village Hotel, you can’t expect great finishing with the Far East Organisation people but the Changi Village area still has a quaint feel about it. It started with tea and the cake cutting. Then Ms Chan had another party in Clementi, held in just HER honour to go to.


Dinner was in Saltwater Cafe downstairs where Shooshools joined us. Nothing to holler about, pretty standard hotel food with a very very strange chef at the barbecue pit who kept retelling a story about a customer who wanted freshly barbecued fish to anyone who was within a meter radius of him. Since we were seated near the pit, we heard the story over and over and over again.

dinnerdownstairsatsaltwater cafe

After dinner this group of 30 somethings, went for teh at Dynamic Indian Dining, which was a short walk away from the hotel. We basically chatted, caught up … not unlike any other time when we hang out … good times 🙂 I was still suffering from jet lag so was mostly incoherent and with the birthday girl still recovering from a cold, we called it an early night and chatted more back in the hotel room. The next morning I got early and found Resh already up.

squeezed out of bed?where did shools go?

It didn’t take long for everyone else to get up and it was to Changi Village Market for breakfast. There was so much to eat and I forgot about getting goreng pisang before I left too!!


The walk along Changi beach was enlightening. It was quite packed with tents everywhere. Some families even had a generator with a TV going. Really brought new meaning to a cottage by the beach. Made me wish we had a tent too. It was a lovely day for the beach.

shools enjoying ice creamcheck out tents in the backme and zack

With 2 down, here’s the rest of my April Birthday buddies:-

20th April
Cherry, Daph and Eric

22nd April
Yoyo, Corrinne and Little Hannah

27th April

30th April

Happy Birthday, you guys!!!

Then May comes, that’s another month of family and more friends’ birthdays too!!! I guess I do have lots of karma with Taurus people 🙂