Day One at Locations

It’s a small space where competing destinations are pit against one another to woo Hollywood productions. Not unlike any other cattle call, I guess. For me, it’s like a reunion of sorts 🙂 I get to meet up with some real nice people who I only see twice a year, catch up on what’s happening in their location and realise all over again how much a people business the media business is. Hmmm … there any business that isn’t?

Anywho, after 2 hours of getting wires organised and figuring out where to put what, here’s what we put together.

booth from the leftbooth from the right

Quite nice, huh? On another note, when I come to the USA, I’m never surprised that someone I’m speaking to has no idea where Singapore is. It’s common for people to think we’re part of Hong Kong, a province in China, off the island of Taiwan. Sure, I’ve heard them all but today this guy has to take the cake.

The Guy: So Singapore is in South East Asia, can I take a ferry from Sri Lanka then?
Me: A ferry to Singapore?
Guy nods.
Me: You want to take a ferry from Sri Lanka to Singapore?
Guy: It’s not that far from each other, right? Isn’t South East Asia like a 30minute ferry ride from South Asia?

At least he didn’t think we were landlocked into each other.

booth table