Eating in Tokyo – Part Three

Yes, there is a part three. If you’ve been to Tokyo you’ll understand why 🙂 and I can’t believe how many tiny people there are there. That’s because they have the most beautiful looking desserts, next to the French, the Japanese know how to make food look good.

dessertmore dessert

So the question is, how do these Japanese girls stay so slim? My favourite was this we tried at this place in Mark City, Shibuya.

desserts again

See the glass in front, it’s like a Japanese Ice Kacang of sorts and that’s like a scoop of red bean stuff on the top … totally yummy 🙂 Before dessert at this same place, I had a really simple and unexpectedly delicious sushi type thing.

cheese and rice

First, the juice in the top right hand corner. It’s yuze or something like that. Tarty like a grapefruit but slightly more aromatic. I really like it and tried to drink it everywhere that had it. The little cup of yoghurt in front of it was suppose to be dessert, I think but it so yummy I had to eat it first. Now to the rice balls, I don’t think they’re called sushi when they’re moulded into little triangles like that but I call them triangle sushi and these were filled with veggies in a one and cheese in the other. Totally totally yummers 🙂

The night before we went to a macrobiotic place called Chaya Macrobiotic Restarant in Shinjuku. It was innovative and guess what? Yummy again. Thought the portions looked small, it filled me right up. Guess that’s the difference between natural nutritious food as opposed to overly processed empty calories. That’s a picture of the appetiser and the tofu patty I had.

to start withthe main

Like Jules said, the Japanese have a very high standard when it comes to food so we were rarely disappointed. So unless you don’t like Japanese cuisine, you should really go to Japan once in your life. Even pasta Japanese style was not disappointing at all.

pastalast meal with jules in japan

As I mentioned in Part 1, ramen was so yummy, I had to have it one more time before I left and that’s the picture of my miso ramen with corn from Jules. She and I agreed that corn should only be enjoyed on the cob.