Since 2001, I’ve been travelling heaps for work and I’ve even done the crazy thing of landing from the US at 6am in the morning, taking a cab home, showering and heading to the office by 9am. I have to say, this 33 year-old body can no longer do that. The 17hours from LA felt longer than usual … this, after having slept something like 9 hours on the plane. Yep, I fell asleep for 9hours and still managed to squeeze in 3 and a half movies, The Golden Compass, August Rush, Hitch and part of Hero. All quite enjoyable.

I got off the plane yesterday at 5:15am, cleared immigration within seconds, waited maybe 8minutes for my bags, got a cab and was whisked home by 6am. Quick shower and was grateful that I was lying straight on my back in bed. I have never felt happier to be lying down but I had to drag myself out of bed at lunchtime and I literally mean drag. It felt like I was suffering from a huge hangover, which is a real sore point considering I never had the fun of being drunk.

Right now it’s about lunchtime and I think I’m going to fall asleep … my brain still feels like cotton puffs … …

I remember a time not so long ago it wasn’t anything like that … maybe it’s just the cotton puffs talking … …


2 thoughts on “Jetlag

  1. I think it’s really age. My body can no longer take the kind of abuse it could withstand 5 years ago. I don’t think i have the energy to stay out at some pub till closing time anymore.

  2. hahahaha 🙂 You’re right on that … I remember you being the one that would outlast everyone too!!!

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