Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo

When you get to the Shibuya station, there’s an exit called Hachiko. Everyone knows Hachiko, the little dog born in 1923 and belonged to a Professor who lived in the Shibuya area. This little puppy would wait for the professor everyday at the train station and they would walk home together. One day, the professor has a stroke and passes away in the university. Hachiko continues to go to the station everyday for the next 7 years before joining the Professor in heaven. How incredible is that?


So the Japanese people did up a bronze statue and placed it where he waited. Sweet, huh? Now people say, “Hey let’s meet by Hachiko.” Since it’s by the most popular crossing in the world, regardless of the time of the day, there are always heaps of people around him 🙂

hachiko, jules and me

This is quite the crazy crossing. Apparently, it sees about 2million people daily. That to me is a little insane but there’s a certain rush that fills you when you’re among the crowd making through the crossing.





It affects me in a way like the ferry ride in HK did. Not exactly the same way.

While in HK the ferry crossing took me away from the hustle and bustle, in Tokyo, the Shibuya crossing heightens the intense energy that is quintessential to Tokyo, Japan.  Two transient moments in two different cities, yet they both strangely inspired very similar poems I wrote.

I’m not feeling particularly brave today but when I do, I’ll post the poems up 😉

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